For the Baby Who Has Everything: A $2,185 Jacuzzi Bathtub

Rub-a-dub-dub. If you want to make bath time really fun for your baby, have you considered investing in a Jacuzzi tub? Investing, of course, is the operative term here, because the Jacuzzi tub in question will set you back a few thousand dollars.

An Italian (naturalmente!) company called BluBleu has unveiled a spa bath — the MagicBath — for babies designed to provide the ultimate bathing experience, according to Gizmag.

The price tag? €1655, or just over $2,000 here in the United States, where plastic tubs with no massaging jets or underwater lights are, sadly, more common.

The mini whirlpool acrylic tub doesn’t just benefit babies (up to age 12 months). Parents will also enjoy that it stands at adult height via four curved yet stable legs to make kneeling over the tub a thing of the past.

Other features of the tub include an air massage system that shoots thousands of bubbles from 10 jets, as well as six underwater LED lights that are programmable to illuminate colors such as blue, green, red and pink, or combine them with a series of blue-indigo violet sequences for a “magic relax chromatherapy setting.” The water temperature can also be monitored via a digital display to further ensure the bath time experience is one of utter delight.

And of course, the tub’s ergonomic design is such that newborns will be supported in the correct position on one end, and the other end complements babies who are able to sit up.

How has your baby lived without this tub? What are you waiting for? Order yours today! I’ll take two!

Photo credit: BluBleu

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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