Fosterhood’s First Day at Babble!

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I’m Rebecca.  Coincidentally, while today is my first day blogging for Babble it’s also the first day that my foster daughter, Clementine, is legally free for me to adopt. So I can actually start the adoption process! You’d think I’d be jumping for joy and buying loads of “MOMMY LOVES ME!” onesies, but I’m not. I love Clementine and I’m totally going to adopt her, but it doesn’t feel all that special. You know how couples who have been together for years and years sometimes feel as though getting married will signal that their commitment up to now has been less than, or invalid? That’s kind of what adopting one of my foster children is feeling like. It’s as if legally becoming a child’s mom makes the all of the parenting and mommy-time I spent with my previous foster children less valid.

Overall, fostering has been pretty fun. I’m pretty good at laughing at chaos. At times I might have even been guilty of creating some of it. Clementine, 2 months old, and my other foster daughter “Sandy” (born the night of the hurricane), 6 months old, and I live with my roommate (Reminder- NYC rent is outrageous) who is an awesome, 27 year old architect from India.  We also have a pet tortoise, Henry. And yes, Henry is going to live 135 years while growing to be the size of a taxi. I’ve been a foster parent in New York City for four years and I’ve been blogging about it at for almost as long.

I blog (and curse like a sailor) to keep sane in a child welfare system far crazier than I could have ever imagined. I also blog in search of other like-minded people who are interested in being “smart, young foster parents who work with, around and beyond the system”. As a cognitive psychologist, I started down the research path and then asked myself, why conduct further research that demonstrates how broken the child welfare system is? There isn’t a shortage of research. There isn’t even a shortage of non-profit organizations (what do gooder doesn’t dream of starting their own?).  There IS a shortage of good foster parents.

I’m excited to blog for Babble because above all else, they value honest voices of parenting. Lord knows, I have A LOT to say!
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