Four Months Old. A Letter & Slideshow

My dear Abigail,

Right now you are napping in your swing. The swing that we tried *twice* to sell to Once Upon a Child. The swing that you hated during your first 3 months, wherein you now happily glide at least once a day, providing mama some work-time salvation.

Many thanks to the creator for intervening on that one, (the part where we arrived at the wrong time of day for selling your sacred swing).

I definitely don’t have to watch my words regarding your colic. It has officially left the building. Underneath all of that crying and fuss? Happiest, most smiley, adorable dimple-faced baby ever. Well, aside from your bro. You. I may be partial for obvious reasons, but not by much. As of late, you have taken to laughing and cooing and grabbing and munching on your toes, your hands, anything you can get your hands on. And rolling over! Which means you’ve mastered tho art of grasping, which means toy discovery. The joy.

We’ve had our challenges in the breastfeeding department, but we’re working hard together and your mama (me), is learning to let go of the guilt and to revel in the amazing time that is now. You, at this age, which in even the certain moments that feel like forever, are gone in an instant. Your sweet baby smell, your gleeful, gummy grin, your rolly-polly body and peach fuzz head…all will be gone before I know it.

This knowledge comes from first hand experience in having just celebrated your brothers second birthday last week. Yea, he just wee, like you — and now, not. It’s bittersweet, this growing stuff that you’re pulling on me. Both of you.

The most spectacular milestone to occur as of yet is to watch the bond betwixt you and your brother develop. You’ve always had eyes for him, but now! The physical, tender connection that is blooming before my eyes? It’s of the stuff that lets my mind wander and comes back to me full of reverie. I can’t help but ponder upon your relationship through the years, fall-outs there may be. The love though, I can see it…it’s first and what you’ll always have to come back to.

Wyndham loves you so, calling you his hunny bunny. So when you’re older and he’s driving you crazy, or you him — I’ll have this to fall back on to show you, at which you may very well turn your nose up. But at this moment in time, life is full possibilities and the foundation has been laid. So soak up all those head caresses and stories he’s bestowing upon you, because baby girl, you are loved like no other!

  • Suspicion… 1 of 17
    is to be a big brother.
  • Toy sharing, 2 of 17
    Toy sharing,
    With Hoe-tun Hoo as he's lovingly dubbed (constantly, all the time, ahem), sharing. This means you are IN, Lil' Abner. This is HORTON we are talking about.
  • Deciding to hunker down & stay a while. 3 of 17
    Deciding to hunker down & stay a while.
    Deep concentration on starting up story-time happening here.
  • Making it up as he goes. 4 of 17
    Making it up as he goes.
    Best story-teller ever.
  • Checking in… 5 of 17
    Checking in...
    Just making sure she digs it.
  • Back to business, 6 of 17
    Back to business,
    with not a clue about what he's going to get.
  • *Wham-POW!* 7 of 17
    And he finds it amusing. This is good.
  • On second thought… 8 of 17
    On second thought...
    it's the stink-eye for you.
  • But this sheep story is too good. 9 of 17
    But this sheep story is too good.
  • And silly! 10 of 17
    And silly!
    At least to your brother anyways.
  • Oof! Time for a new perspective. 11 of 17
    Oof! Time for a new perspective.
    Your number one fan is all ears.
  • He’s keen to your tricks now missy! 12 of 17
    He's keen to your tricks now missy!
  • But the pull of your cute is just too great. 13 of 17
    But the pull of your cute is just too great.
    Plus he's getting mad props from Mommy right now.
  • Ah, the sweet head pat. 14 of 17
    Ah, the sweet head pat.
    (This is where my heart bursts from it all).
  • Your tummy is where books and toys belong, apparently. 15 of 17
    Your tummy is where books and toys belong, apparently.
  • As many as he can fit. 16 of 17
    As many as he can fit.
  • *Sigh* 17 of 17
    Life is pretty good all around, I'd say.

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