Four Months with Elvie

Today we are celebrating being Elvie’s family for four whole months. I still can’t think about the day she became ours without crying, and I am so grateful for all that we have been given these four months. These days it feels like it’s been a lot longer than four months that she’s been with us. I think part of it is that she is just so changed from how she was when we first became her family. She has come so far in so short a time, and it is hard to believe that just four months ago, I was afraid for her life.

This fourth month has been full of joy, as we’ve lived life more like a normal family and less like a family whose child needs regular medical intervention. To just relax at home has been amazing. It is comfortable being a family, and for that reason it also seems like she’s been with us way longer than four months. It seems like she was always a part of our family. She fits. She’s just perfect.

To commemorate this fourth month as Elvie’s family, I’ve chosen my favorite photos from the month. I’m not going to tell you which one I like the very best, but feel free to take a look at all of them, pick your own favorite, and guess which is mine.

  • She Looks Good in Red 1 of 15
    She Looks Good in Red
    She also looks good with chub! I feel like this one really shows off her sweet, chubby face.
  • Trying Her Big Sister’s Grilled Cheese 2 of 15
    Trying Her Big Sister's Grilled Cheese
    Her hands say yes, but her taste buds scream, "NO, NO, NO!"
  • Pretty Baby in a Sundress 3 of 15
    Pretty Baby in a Sundress
    Summer in San Francisco comes in late September and October. I was super excited that she was big enough to wear this sundress.
  • Hanging Out With the Cat 4 of 15
    Hanging Out With the Cat
    She likes our pets, and for the most part, our pets like her.
  • Pure Sunshine 5 of 15
    Pure Sunshine
    Sometimes, it seems like she just glows from within.
  • Always Smiley When She Wakes Up 6 of 15
    Always Smiley When She Wakes Up
    She gets so excited when she wakes up and notices we are there. She is ready for fun immediately.
  • This Facial Expression is One of My Favorites 7 of 15
    This Facial Expression is One of My Favorites
    She's just so pleasant! All the time!
  • What Are You Doing? 8 of 15
    What Are You Doing?
    The curious face, curious about when I might want to hand over my iPhone. (Never, baby. Never.)
  • Me and My Little Sweetheart 9 of 15
    Me and My Little Sweetheart
    I am so happy to be her mama.
  • Wiggling and Wobbling 10 of 15
    Wiggling and Wobbling
    She is excited to sit up on her own, to play and to move and to dance to the music I put on.
  • Showing Off How Well She’s Grown 11 of 15
    Showing Off How Well She's Grown
    It makes me so proud to look at this photo. We have a chubby baby! We have all worked hard to get her to this point, and our hard work has paid off in the most adorable way.
  • Cracking Up at Her Big Sister’s Antics 12 of 15
    Cracking Up at Her Big Sister's Antics
    She is screeching with laughter as Zinashi puts a pair of underwear on her head. I guess underwear on someone's head is funny from a very young age.
  • Our Little Ham 13 of 15
    Our Little Ham
    She thinks it's funny when she licks people. It is.
  • Too Stubborn to Miss Anything By Lying Down 14 of 15
    Too Stubborn to Miss Anything By Lying Down
    She absolutely loves going out in her bassinet stroller. We can position her so she gets a little extra support for her torso and can also lean on the cover in front of her, and she is thrilled to be able to look around and play as we stroll through the neighborhood. Even when she's tired, she won't lie down, but she eventually collapses face first.
  • Our Perfect Baby 15 of 15
    Our Perfect Baby
    She is just right for our family, and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. I can't imagine life without her in it. She is just so perfect for us, and I hope we prove to be the same for her. It is a joy to be her family.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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