Fran Drescher Says Breastfeeding Can Poison Your Baby

BreastfeedingWe’ve heard time and time again that “breast is best” when it comes to the choices we have when feeding our child. After countless studies, hearing it from our pediatrician, and even firm stances from local politicians, there is never any doubt that feeding your child breastmilk is what is best for them. Or is there?

On a recent interview with a local radio station to promote her upcoming movie, actress Fran Drescher spent some of her time speaking out about her non-profit organization that promotes helping others detect cancer early. Drescher, a cancer survivor herself, told the radio station that the major cause of cancer is from environmental factors. More specifically, the actress says one of the major contributors is flame retardant, which is found in curtains, upholstered fabrics, and carpet. She claims that we are absorbing this from our household items which can then cause developmental delays in children and cancer in adults.

But then Drescher takes it a step further and takes the conversation to an entirely different level. Personally, a level I don’t think she needed to go. “American women have the highest amount of flame retardant in their breast milk,” says Drescher. “We’re selling these women that breast milk is the second coming. Breasts are like big sponges.”

So basically she is telling me that I am feeding my daughter cancer from my boob. Although Drescher might have a point on the subject, I don’t think that she has the correct medical background or research to back up her claim that the milk that I choose to feed my child is bad for her. If that were the case, why haven’t I heard from my doctor or medical studies that breast milk is really harming my child rather than helping her?

Drescher encouraged nursing moms to undergo a three day test which included urinating into a cup to test the mother’s levels of metals. This would guarantee that mother’s weren’t passing on the harmful chemicals to their child.

While I think that Drescher’s intentions are good, I honestly think that she is messing with the wrong crowd. Many women that breastfeed their children are very passionate about doing it. As a breastfeeding mother myself, I find it to be one of the most fulfilling things in the world. To know that I am providing the best thing for my child is amazing. Never would I have thought that I am actually doing more harm than good by nursing her.

Would love to hear your thoughts on her comments! 


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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