From The Minds of Men: Birth Announcements [Video]

How guys make a birth announcement…

Today Abby is 11 days old and I have birth announcements and newborn photo shoots on the brain.

As a blogger, I suppose I’ve already made my birth announcement to the internets, family and friends. The video me and the mister are working on should also suffice, right?

To be honest, with my first – we did neither. Officially. In some sort of fancy e-card blast or retro paper mail-out. I didn’t even know about birth announcements until another friend did one when Wyndham was about 6 months old. Shame on me. Bad mommy.

Since my foray began with Babble though, so much has come under my radar that I am apparently not doing, or not doing right. Pshaw. I have my own way of documenting our children’s milestones (big and small), right from birth.

Making videos, writing blog posts, creating picture collages; all to be shared with family and friends. I feel good about this and don’t need to follow the cutesy pack. If that’s your schtick, that’s cool. This is for the mama’s and pappa’s who choose alternative forms of getting creative and making their memories. Guilt free.

This video though (couldn’t help but watch a few others), gave me a chuckle. These dads, are they for real? They’ve got a whole BRAND going on! Good for them! In a world largely dominated by women, these dudes are refreshing and amusing to say the least. What do you think of their idears?

As for a newborn photo-shoot…now that’s something I can did my heels into. I’m conjuring up all sorts of ideas to put into play, some involving ‘big’ bro. I think I’ll share some of them tomorrow to get the creative juices flowing. I’m no professional photographer, but I do alright with my gear.

What about you? What are some creative ways you announced your beautiful blessing to the world? Were/are you like me who felt the guilt at not going the traditional route? Perfectly dandy with keeping it simple, no fuss?

If you are really hankering for some cool birth announcement ideas, check Melanie’s find over on Being Pregnant or Michelle’s!

Or…Babble’s Best Birth Announcements

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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