From Tiny Seed to Full Blossom: 12 Months of Peony (PHOTOS)

Baby girl
She lights up my life

I can’t even really put into words what it means to me that Baby Peony is just a few weeks away from her first birthday. And I’m hardly ever speechless (ahem), so my almost-silence is really saying something.

It’s not just that she’s my last baby. It’s not just that she smells like a little slice of heaven. Or that she’s generally just so delicious.

She’s just my little Peony. Seriously, the sweetest little girl (who’s showing signs of turning into a darling little devil as she becomes more mobile, but still). There have been no moments over the past 11+ months that I haven’t enjoyed Peony. Even when she’s fussed, which has been barely, I’ve savored every second (and I don’t even think that’s possible, or if it is, it’s just annoying, but it’s true).

I’ve snapped a photo of her on the same day each month over the past year, and though she’s changed before my eyes, it’s been hard to see until I look at her all at once, in living color, like in these pictures.

Take a look:

  • We have a plus sign! 1 of 16
    We have a plus sign!
    I found out I was expecting Peony on Christmas Day, 2010. Despite (and probably because of) the fact that I don't actually celebrate Christmas, it was the greatest gift ever.
  • In the beginning . . . 2 of 16
    In the beginning . . .
    It was one of those pregnancies that you don't want to hear about. Mostly because it was totally happy and utterly uneventful.
    Healthy baby, happy mommy.
  • A few seconds old 3 of 16
    A few seconds old
    There are no words.
  • 1 day old 4 of 16
    1 day old
    I have vivid recollections of her being tiny, but not so tiny as this. Those first few days were a blur.
  • 1 month old 5 of 16
    1 month old
    Clearly she needed some media training, as she wasn't as thrilled to be photographed as she would be in the months to come.
  • 2 months old 6 of 16
    2 months old
    There's the smile! On second thought, it was probably gas or some sort of general discomfort. But the annals of history will show a smile nonetheless.
  • 3 months old 7 of 16
    3 months old
    If one picture had to be used as a mug shot, this would be it. At least it's a sweet mug shot. Hopefully the crime isn't too serious.
  • 4 months old 8 of 16
    4 months old
    And now . . . deep thoughts.
  • 5 months old 9 of 16
    5 months old
    Sadly, she was sick with an ear infection for this photo. But she still put on a brave face for the camera, don't you think?
  • 6 months old 10 of 16
    6 months old
    Happy, healthy girl!
  • 7 months old 11 of 16
    7 months old
    Sweet, sweet Peony. Sweet, sweet, Peony. Sweet, sweet, Peony. You're my sweet, sweet girl.
    Sung to the tune of "Good Night, Ladies" from The Music Man, that song is part of our bedtime ritual.
  • 8 months old 12 of 16
    8 months old
    It starts getting more difficult to hold the sign up each month because someone — and I'm not saying any names — wants to keep grabbing the paper and eating it.
  • 9 months old 13 of 16
    9 months old
    It helps to hold the sign if she has something else in her mouth to keep her occupied.
  • 10 months old 14 of 16
    10 months old
    Yeah, the sign holding isn't getting any easier as she's getting older. But she's getting cuter anyway.
  • 11 months old 15 of 16
    11 months old
    It only took 15 minutes to get this shot. Progress!
  • Coming soon . . . 16 of 16
    Coming soon . . .
    Peony turns 1.
    There are no words.

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll

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