Frozen Baby Names on the Rise, Plus My Own Predictions


Have you heard of this little movie called Frozen? It’s not really well-known because it just never really took off … Okay, obviously you can catch my sarcasm. Everyone knows what I’m talking about because when Disney released their 53rd animated feature in 2013, Frozen took over everything.

I fell in love with the movie myself, so it was easy to see why we saw a large surge of little boys and girls and adults belting out the signature songs. We saw a huge influx of YouTube lip-dubs, parodies, and renditions that blew our minds, along with news stories of Frozen merchandise being hard to get ahold of. Clearly, Frozen fever had officially set in.

BabyCenter reported the popular characters of the beloved movie caused a spike in baby names inspired by the characters themselves. BabyCenter editors went through over 555,000 baby names and discovered some interesting spikes in the names Anna, Elsa, Sven, and Olaf. Elsa’s popularity went up 34% from the year before and to my surprise, Sven rose 41% in popularity.

Since movie-inspired baby names is the “thing” right now, I predict Frozen won’t be the only character names we hear in our future kids’ kindergarten classes.

Here are my own predictions for the movies and TV shows that will inspire a new wave of baby name frenzy this year:

Inspiration: Maleficent

I have been a fan of Sleeping Beauty since it came out on VHS (what … is… that?), and I can’t even tell you how many times I have seen it since. When I heard there was going to be a live-action take told from Maleficent’s side, I was beaming with excitement. I still haven’t seen it (blame having kids and no babysitter), but after hearing the reviews, I know it’s going to be awesome!

Aurora: A name fit for a princess — I have always loved this name and with this movie revamping the love for it, I know this moniker (or the nickname Briar Rose) will be in kindergarten classes in a few years. I love it – it’s classic, gorgeous, and who doesn’t want to be named after the gift of beauty?

Phillip: Who doesn’t want their child to grow up acting like a prince and admired by royalty, too? This name, while not uncommon, has a timeless feel to it, and I predict we’re going to hear more of it soon.

Inspiration: The Fault in Our Stars

I haven’t heard much about this movie because apparently I live under a novel-free rock, but given the press and hoopla about the book and movie, it’s something I need to see. I read the summary on IMDb and just from that, I can tell it’s one of those movies that will stick with you for a long time. And that long-time love means you’ll be more open to naming your own kids after the characters.

Hazel: I love this name! Like really – I love that it’s not common, well, not yet, and that it has a strong, not-really-female sound to it (like mine). The character sounds like she’s one inspiring person that will inspire many to carry the name.

Gus: The other side to the love story in this movie, I have a feeling it’s one of those romances that sticks with you, much like the love between Allie and Noah (see: The Notebook). Gus is a strong name for a boy, and I see the popularity jumping, just like the popularity of this movie.

Inspiration: Orange Is the New Black

So, it’s not a movie, but given the amount of Facebook statuses I’ve read saying how tired people were from binge-watching the second season, it’s just as anticipated as these big-budget movies. I admit, I don’t really care for the show (don’t hate me), but I watched a handful of episodes from the first season and I just haven’t gone back (you can blame the latest season of Pretty Little Liars being uploaded to Netflix). The show is crazy popular though, and since everyone loves to watch the escapades of a few characters, I think we will see a rise in these OITNB names:

Piper: The lead character of the show (book? Real life?) has a cute name and an attitude that you wouldn’t expect. The name is perfect for little girls, and while right now it’s probably not too popular, I have a feeling many baby girls will answer to this name soon.

Red: Celebrity or not, this name is adorable for any little girl. Like a fun twist on Blue-Ivy, Red can befit a fiery girl with a lot of personality, fun, and power.

What do you think about the rise of Elsa and Sven? Would you name your child after a character from your favorite movie or TV show?

Photo credit: Disney
Source: BabyCenter

Devan is a freelance writer living in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and four kids. No, those aren’t her kids’ real names – they’re online pseudonyms.  Read more from Devan on Babble as she dishes about babies, pets, and love + keep up with byDevan on Facebook and Twitter!

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