Fun in the Sun!

  • Just Hanging Out 1 of 29
    Kaden loves cooling down in the pool on a hot day!
    Submitted by Ashley
  • Ahoy! 2 of 29
    This little guy is enjoying the wind in his hair like a born-sailor!
    Submitted by Lori
  • A Walk in the Park 3 of 29
    Sophie is having a blast at her favorite place: the local park.
    Submitted by Vanessa
  • Movie Star Sunglasses 4 of 29
    This little one looks like she stepped off the red carpet and on to the beach.
    Submitted by Emese
  • Splish Splash 5 of 29
    This 8-month-old loves hanging out and splashing around in the pool!
    Submitted by Cassandra
  • Happy as a Clam 6 of 29
    Jayden couldn't be happier taking his first dip in the pool!
    Submitted by Christy
  • Beach Baby 7 of 29
    Alex looks like he's spent his whole life in the sand!
    Submitted by Crystal
  • Perfect Day at the Park 8 of 29
    Charlie looks like she just discovered the world's best-kept secret. Wonder what it is?
    Submitted my Jessica
  • Anchors Aweigh 9 of 29
    Mason, the Skipper, loves steering the boat.
    Submitted by Sarah
  • First Mate 10 of 29
    Piper and her Captain Pappy know that there's no better way to spend the day than on the water!
    Submitted by Sarah
  • No Better Way to Stay Cool 11 of 29
    Grady loves being outside, especially if he gets to splash around in the water.
    Submitted by Mandy
  • Having a Ball 12 of 29
    McKenna might have the coolest pool we've ever seen!
    Submitted by Becca
  • Waist Deep in Fun 13 of 29
    Is that a little hermit crab peeking out of the sand?
    Submitted by Millicent
  • Queen Bee 14 of 29
    There's no doubt in our minds about whose pool this is!
    Submitted by Rachael
  • Cool as Cucumbers 15 of 29
    These girls sure know how to spend a hot day — mind if we join?
    Submitted by Daniela
  • “Hey, What’s This?” 16 of 29
    This little one looks extremely focused on playing in the pool.
    Submitted by Samantha
  • Will Somebody Give Me a Push? 17 of 29
    She's so excited to ride the swings at the local carnival!
    Submitted by Tammy
  • Summer Stroll 18 of 29
    There's no better way to enjoy a walk in the summer than in a stroller!
    Submitted by Nichole
  • Summer Bucket List 19 of 29
    How cute is this little guy, just sitting in his bucket?
    Submitted by Geneva
  • Race You to the Finish Line… 20 of 29
    This guy takes his hiking seriously!
    Submitted by Lacey
  • First Swim 21 of 29
    She sure does seem to be enjoying her first time in the pool!
    Submitted by Shanna
  • Just Floating Along 22 of 29
    Yup. This little one knows how to relax!
    Submitted by Kirsten
  • Pure Joy 23 of 29
    He couldn't be happier to be outside!
    Submitted by Jamethiel
  • Nothing Like a Good Laugh 24 of 29
    Two-and-a-half-year-old Isabella Sophia is so happy to be in the sun that she just can't stop laughing!
    Submitted by Christena
  • Love at First Bite 25 of 29
    There's no better treat on a hot summer day.
    Submitted by Erica
  • Using His Melon 26 of 29
    If only all kids enjoyed fruit this much!
    Submitted by Christine
  • Sprinkler Fun 27 of 29
    These girls are enjoying some good, old-fashioned summer fun: running through the sprinkler!
    Submitted by Crystal
  • In Full Swing 28 of 29
    This little one LOVES his new playset!
    Submitted by Christina
  • Weee! 29 of 29
    Hunter flies through the air with a little help from his dad!
    Submitted by Lisa

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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