Butt Scooting Baby Seeks Swiffer Sponsorship (Video)

I posted a video of Vivi’s back scoot several months ago and my dad rewrote the song “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” to “Back Scootin’ Baby.” It was such a strange way to get from point A to point B but it worked for her, for awhile that is. She took to rolling like a crazy baby and while I was in Nashville she started butt scooting. It’s a sort of sway-slither-scoot, I should mention she can crawl like a regular baby but she prefers the butt scoot, I say it’s because she likes to keep her eyes on the prize (which is generally something she’s not supposed to have.)

She prefers scooting on hardwood or tile and her main objectives are either the front door, the dog bowls or the stairs. While I love visiting my family I’m ready to go home to my baby proofed home with no slate stairs of death or accessible pet bowls. She’s learned to steer with her legs and can carry things with her hands since they’re not holding up her body. Everyone who has seen her says they’ve never seen a baby crawl the way she does and I sure am glad we use cloth diapers because disposables could never hold up to the friction and movement of this baby’s butt.

My dad has joked several times about attaching a Swiffer to her but and you’d better believe when I get home I’m trying it. She’ll get less resistance and I’ll have a cleaner floor.


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