Baby Video Oscars 2011

  • Baby Video Oscars 2011 1 of 25
    Baby Video Oscars 2011: the cutest babies dancing, throwing tantrums, singing
  • The Kings Speech 2 of 25
    What's not to love about this little man's bathtub address — who cares if the delivery isn't perfect?
  • True Grit 3 of 25
    This baby cowboy picks himself up (with a little help) and strides off to meet his destiny.
  • The Social Network 4 of 25
    Did baby Zuckerberg take this much joy in his first computer? Now if this little guy could only figure out how to get past the home screen …
  • Toy Story (3) 5 of 25
    These triplets' toys are nowhere near as entertaining as their own (6) feet!
  • Pink Swan 6 of 25
    Baby's first … tutu? This little girl doesn't know what to think of her fluffy new skirt.
  • Il Bambino 7 of 25
    Meet the future Don Corleone.
  • Singing in the Rain 8 of 25
    This tyke's amazing tap dancing moves would make Gene Kelly proud.
  • Crazy Heart 9 of 25
    "Cowboy baby" Christian Salinas is bound to be a country music heart breaker — hopefully with none of Bad Blake's personal challenges.
  • The Wrestler(s) 10 of 25
    Watch these baby girls face off in an early morning crib match. Good thing mom is there to referee!
  • Look Whos Talking 11 of 25
    This little girl thinks she's making some very important phone calls — we almost believe her!
  • Amadeus 12 of 25
    He may have Beethoven's hair, but this little guy's early talent — or enthusiasm, at least — reminds us of Mozart.
  • Father Knows Best? 13 of 25
    Not according to this little lady.
  • In Her Shoes 14 of 25
    Has (mom's) heels, will travel — after she finishes admiring herself in the mirror.
  • A Star Is Born 15 of 25
    In his eyes, at least. This baby couldn't be more thrilled to see himself on YouTube!
  • Crash 16 of 25
    Amazing how one collision (or 3) can change your whole outlook!
  • Almost Famous 17 of 25
    This little rocker's 15 minutes can't be far off …
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry 18 of 25
    Except when mom refuses them hot coffee.
  • The Mirror Has Two Faces 19 of 25
    … and both of this little girl's are beautiful.
  • Pollock 20 of 25
    This avant-garde artiste uses the driveway — and himself — as his canvas.
  • Little Miss Sunshine 21 of 25
    This little lady totally channels Olive Hoover's bespectacled Superfreak charm.
  • The Lady Refuses 22 of 25
    No matter what you ask her, baby Charlotte has one (adorable) answer.
  • The Fighter 23 of 25
    Thanks to Wii, this babe is a Micky Ward-caliber contender in the ring.
  • Turner and Hooch 24 of 25
    These two don't seem thrilled with life, but, hey, at least they've got each other.
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