Most Popular Baby Videos and Memes of 2011: These Babies May Be Viral, But They Don't Need Medicine

We’ve all seen them. On Facebook, in a forwarded email, a link from twitter or one of the hundreds of pop culture sites that scour the Internet for the next great thing.

In this case the next great thing is 13 babies laughing, crying, being attacked by puppies and being subtitled by complete strangers.

I’m not sure any parent knows what will happen to a video when it gets uploaded and unleashed, but the fact that a baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper has almost 28 million views gives me some hope for society.

How many is 28 million? Imagine being in New York City. Now imagine that every 4th person you come across has seen your baby on the Internet. Or that every single person living in the greater Los Angeles area has seen your baby laughing at ripping paper. That’s A LOT of people.

With combined total views of over 100 million (that’s every single man, woman and child in NYC, give or take) here are the best viral baby videos and memes of 2011.

  • The Flying Baby 1 of 12
    The Flying Baby
    Dad blows in the baby's face and the baby flies up like a feather. This one's also known as the YouTube video that launched a thousand dads blowing in their baby's faces.
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  • Baby vs. Puppy 2 of 12
    Baby vs. Puppy
    Babies vs. Puppies. Thankfully, this puppy is so small the baby wins ... for the most part. Throw a kitten into this one and the world would simply implode from the cute.
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  • Ripping Paper Baby 3 of 12
    Ripping Paper Baby
    My baby has never found anything this funny, let alone ripping paper (although I may or may not have just ripped up half my mail to check).
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  • YOGURT BABY! 4 of 12
    This kid takes his yogurt seriously. SERIOUSLY. Truth is I react the same way when you put a plate of Alfredo in front of me.
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  • Sniffing is Scary 5 of 12
    Sniffing is Scary
    Little bald babies making faces, then laughing? This is the stuff they need to be showing in prison.
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  • Success Baby Meme 6 of 12
    Success Baby Meme
    I think we can all remember the first caption we saw with this particular photo. I can't stop staring at him — no matter what the all-caps caption is, it's a perfect photo.
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  • A One-Year-Old Interview 7 of 12
    A One-Year-Old Interview
    I have no idea how he got this kid to say what he said, or what kind of vocabulary lesson plan they have him on, but it's hysterical.
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  • Corleone Baby 8 of 12
    Corleone Baby
    A little guy in a Tuxedo talking smack? I can just hear the accent and sense he's packing someting.
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  • My Baby Looks Like Meme 9 of 12
    My Baby Looks Like Meme
    Who knew so many babies looked like random celebrities? Who does your baby look like?
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  • Sleepy Baby 10 of 12
    Sleepy Baby
    I cannot get enough of this little baby girl. I'm awake! Nope ... I'm soooo sleepy. Easily a thousand views are from me during my last month of pregnancy.
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  • Crazy Mean Baby 11 of 12
    Crazy Mean Baby
    This baby has been turned into so many people and creatures by a graphic design dad there's no telling what kind of future they have in Hollywood.
    See the history behind the original Meme at Know Your Meme.
  • Arthur the Movie Baby 12 of 12
    Arthur the Movie Baby
    Arthur the baby recreates some of the most famous scenes from classic movies. It's the cutest Blair Witch Project we've ever seen.
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