Funny Teething Symptoms

These days Huck is nothing but a mouthful of teeth. Eight in total. Six on top, two on bottom. Teeth. Teeth! It’s so very wrong to me that my sweet little baby has teeth, but there it is. Teeth.

It seemed like he was teething with a vengeance starting at four months old, but things didn’t really get serious until he hit the six month mark and then BLAMMO. The teeth started raining down with a fury.

One thing I’ve really enjoyed through all this is the myriad of teething symptoms we’ve gotten to experience together. Now, I know how it goes, all a baby has to do is look at you funny and someone will say, “He must be teething!” Everything in this whole world is a teething symptom. Some of the times when someone would blame something innocent on the teething I would think, “Noooo, that’s just Huck being Huck,” until–what do you know?–a tooth would show up the next morning and I’d have to agree, “Yup. It was teething. Bother.”

After the jump, the funny teething symptoms we’ve run up against. And watch yourself because I am obviously an expert on this.

1. Drool, and the choking thereon.

Babies drool because babies drool. Their mouths aren’t as talented as ours and so drool is constantly escaping and making a break for their Holy Land: the collar of the onesie. But I’ve noticed there is a difference between “drool which escapes” and “drool which is so plentiful that it not only escapes out the front but confusingly, out the back as well, causing choking noises and watery eyes.” The latter form of drool is, in my experience, teething drool. And my experience is basically always right. Duh.

2. Chewing on hands across America.

It’s not enough to chew on his own fingers and toes, suddenly he needed my fingers and toes, too. Or my forearm. Or my shirt. Or my hair (it was super weird the first time that happened). Look for distinct gnawing rather than sucking. Sucking means your kid is starving and what’s wrong with you? Feed him already!

3. Pooping irregularities.

When Huck started teething he stopped pooping every day and started a nice “two times a week” regimen. It was weird at first and then I decided to count my blessings.

4. Teeth grinding.

This is a symptom that you might encounter once your baby has some teeth already to work with. It is possibly the worst noise in the entire world, and you’ll still find it terribly cute. Teeth grinding is a bad habit, not to mention bad for those pearly whites, so when the grinding starts I try to find a stale pretzel rod as fast as I can.

5. Crummy sleeping.

Oh dear. ¬†But don’t let this go on too long. My pediatrician told me that after three nights it’s no longer teeth, it’s habit. Three nights of infant Advil ought to do it for the really painful ones. (My doc says Advil is better than Tylenol in this case, since Advil reduces swelling.)

6. Extra bogies.

In Huck’s case, I notice a bit of extra congestion around teething time, leading to an excess of bogies.

7.  Wanting to nurse all the time.

My poor girls! They’ve had a couple rough weeks here and there.

8. Sporting some serious attitude.

All of the above symptoms aside, the times I really know it’s teething time is when Huck gets all edgy on me, when his sweet babbling takes the form of sweet shouting (bla buhbuh BAH!BAH!BUHH! weeeeee!), when he looks at me and scrunches up his nose, or when he’s playing and smacks at his toys with extra oomph, that’s when I know it’s really serious.

How about you guys? Any funny teething symptoms you’ve noticed?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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