Get a Room, Baby!

Is travel or a vacation on the horizon?  Here are 10 tips to making life easier when you stay at a hotel with a baby.

Get a Room, Baby! 1 of 11
Being that my husband’s work has him temporarily living away from us, I have been traveling with our 7-month old daughter and my 11-year old son to go and see him on the weekends. And being that he is currently living in a hotel, we’re growing quite used to living out of our suitcase and in close quarters. As cool as room service and stocking up on fun-size hotel toiletries is, it’s not easy to go without the nursery and the swing to keep junior a happy camper. Here are some tips for making things easier when you are staying in a hotel with a baby.
Request a Portable Crib or Play Yard to be Setup on Arrival 2 of 11
When reserving your room, request a portable crib or play yard to be set up on arrival.
You can call the hotel to find out what kind of play yard they have and then decide to take yours if you absolutely must. And, if you need to, bring your own bedding, but don’t lug around your own crib, if you don’t have to. You may get to the hotel late at night or you may arrive just in time for baby’s nap. If baby’s bed is all set up when you get there, you will be like, “SWEET!” and then your baby will be like, “ZZzzzZZ”.
Plan to Hit a Supermarket and Buy the Food and Diapers When You Get There 3 of 11
If you are staying for several days, it makes sense to purchase the diapers and food at a local store, unless your destination does not have easy access to a market, or if you use hard-to-find products. This takes some pressure off when prepping for the trip, as it’s one less thing to have to pack. Also, it frees up room in your luggage so that you can fit all the other stuff you’ll need for the baby.
Get a Room away from the Pool, Function Space, Restaurant or the Elevators 4 of 11
Get a room away from the pool, any function space, restaurant or the elevators. Baby needs to nap. And not only will your baby appreciate a quieter location, but you will as well. Unless you hate sleep. If you happen to be staying at a party hotel, bring a noise machine. I would say “babbling brook” or “white noise“ is better than the “drunk people arguing” option.
Wipe Down That Remote Control with Sanitizing Wipes 5 of 11
The remote is the most germ-infested item in a hotel room, as it is often overlooked and can go uncleaned for a very long time. Wipe that sucker down. Baby may somehow get her hands on that thing. Foot and mouth disease, anyone? Or anything worse..
Buy the Head of Housekeeping a Drink! 6 of 11
She’s going to need it when you leave. OK, don’t really, but call housekeeping when you get into the room and ask for extra towels, extra pillows and extra trash liner bags for dirty diapers. You’re going to need them.
Sign Language 7 of 11
Use your “DO NOT DISTURB” sign, or better yet call housekeeping and request that your room be cleaned at a certain time that is NOT nap time.
Bring Plenty of Baby Clothes 8 of 11
However many outfits you think you need to bring for the baby, double it. For some reason, babies love to have massive blow-outs when you’re not at home. You won’t have a washer and dryer in your room, and fluff and fold ain’t cheap, sister.
Make Sure to Get a Room with a Bathtub 9 of 11
Not all rooms have a bathtub. Make sure yours does. You don’t want to have to change rooms after you realize yours doesn’t have a tub, or go out and buy a tub to put in the shower (which we did once.)
Bring Bottle Cleaning Supplies 10 of 11
Don’t forget to pack a bottle brush and to buy a small amount of dishwashing liquid when you get there.
Do Not Bring an Ultraviolet Light! 11 of 11
Do not bring an ultraviolet light.

Why would you do that to yourself???
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