How to Get Rid of Baby Fever

My remedy for baby fever
My remedy for baby fever

I have a baby.

I have 3 other kids.

I have a husband who had a vasectomy.

Why oh why would I want ANOTHER baby?

I’ve come to the realization (it only took 5 months for me to come to grips with this), that me birthing another baby is slim to none. Maybe someday we will adopt, but that’s something we’d like to do later on. How to cure this baby fever, well I figured it out.

My remedy for baby fever:

Find a close loved ones to birth a baby for you! My sister-in-law is preggo (again!).

curing baby fever

While this womb maybe empty, thankfully my sister-in-law’s isn’t!

The next 6 months I get to relive pregnancy without the weight gain and buy cute baby stuff – all of this without having to stay up all night with a baby. While this little one growing in my sister-in-law’s belly isn’t mine, I’ll love it just the same.

Baby fever cured… for the next year. After that, I’ll start bugging my sister to get pregnant.

Do You Get Baby Fever Even Though Your Done With Having Babies?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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