Get Your Baby's Poop Off My Face(book)

There's no place for poop talk on facebook.I’ll gladly talk in person about my kid’s bodily functions with my mom friends any day of the week. And yes, *might* have just devoted a whole post on discussing how baby Paul went six whole days without pooping (everything is all good now, he poo-namied a few days ago and is back to business as usual).

Poop talk generally doesn’t bothers me, because I think there’s a proper place and time to discuss poop. Yes you heard me right, a proper place and time to discuss poop.

I cringe when I see poop status updates on Facebook.

In my opinion, Facebook is not the proper venue for poop discussions.

A blog devoted to baby’s first year? SURE!

A conversation between two consenting moms at a play date? BE MY GUEST!

A phone call to your mother? ROCK ON WITH YOUR POOP TALK!

But Facebook? EWWWNESS. I mean, we’re “friends” and all, but we’re really not that close.

I find myself every morning grabbing my hot cup of coffee, unsuspectingly logging into my Facebook account to check out all the cute photos from everyone’s exciting weekends, and BAM! I’m hit with a stinky brick of poop status updates! Or worse, vomit updates.

What went in, and what came out. The place, the time, and OMGEEEEE if you throw in an actual  photo I don’t know what I’ll do. You can’t un-see that kind of stuff!

I know, I know. Poop is natural, and pooping is important to all humans, especially tiny humans. But honestly, do we really need to know each and every time your baby makes a bucky? (oh yeah, that’s what we call it over here, “big buckies”.

And probably the worse Facebook status updates aren’t even baby related, but instead toddler related. In particularly, during the potty training stage of life. Friends, I know that potty training a child is often a personal place of parenting hell each of us must endure. But come on, photos of your kid on the toilet with his “pushing” face on? I think we’ve gone too far.

I get it, sharing is fun. But do you really need to give all your facebook “friends” a play-by-play of what just came out of your baby’s butt?

Are you pro-poop Facebook status updates, or against? Please, discuss.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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