Gettin' Jiggy With Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

This? Brings me great waves of joy. How could it not?

What’s that you say? I’m too old? Phht. Please. We all know that Seuss was a fine crafter of existentialism and philosophy. Y’know. ‘Adult’ stuff. Of which we all participate in at least a quotient of, one would hope.

Theodore Seuss (pronounced Soice) Geisel, the late grand-daddy of fly rhyme is definitely raising a glass of bourbon (you KNOW he liked bourbon), to us on his birthday in the after-life.

It (his birthday), coincides this Friday with the premiere of yet another one of his wordy art treasures (he illustrated all of his books = all of my additional adoration), launching as the feature film, The Lorax.

Otherwise known as the, ‘importance of environmental awareness in industrialized society.’

Geisel, was (arguably) the quintessential master of kid lit (and more recently, media entertainment! Joy!)  for children and adults alike, if you ask me.

Which you are – because you are reading this post. Also? Apparently he was a bit of a bad-ass. No big shocker there. A philosopher who’s a bad-ass? Not uncommon. I like.

Which is why I was pleasantly stoked to discover that the party shmooze-fest on Friday night for us Blissdom go’ers was to be sponsored by Dr Seuss’, The Lorax. Or the folks behind the movie-making curtain, so to speak.

And what a party it was. Low lit and sexy, yet bright and whimsical with all the right trimmings. Of the cocktail, glowing lanterns and truffle tree variety. Seriously, these silver-screen corporate types know how to orchestrate a buzz-worthy shin-dig. Not hard when the ‘product’ to launch is the awesome that is the Lorax. We’re not talking Cailou here folks. (Sorry my Canada).

It was at this celebration of all things splendifferous (I can use that word, it’s a Seuss-onym), that I continued to girl crush on Amy Turn Sharp of Little Alouette and discover just how like-able my editors here at Babble are. I regret not having sashayed up to the Lorax smile-booth with some of the amazing women and men (yes, I’m talking about you mister Jack and mister Rufus), to have a not-so-fuzzy photos taken. Like these…

  • HBD Dr. Seuss 1 of 5
    HBD Dr. Seuss
    This was how we were greeted upon entry into the #LoraxBliss party!
  • Armed, ‘Stached… 2 of 5
    Armed, 'Stached...
    & ready to get silly. Mustache? Check. Inner child? Always there.
  • The Dance Floor 3 of 5
    The Dance Floor
    This is how some got jiggy with it. The DJ was actually good! No seriously! This from an indie loving music snob.
  • When In The Land of The Lorax 4 of 5
    When In The Land of The Lorax
    One must wear fur head-bands, consume cosmo's (and/or red wine) and talk about all (well, maybe many), things magical.
  • I Told You So… 5 of 5
    I Told You So...
    See? It's not just me and my grandeurs of existentialism.
    Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Search #LoraxBliss on Instagram or Twitter and you shall find a plethora of all that was, in celebration of all that is to be. Starting with the movie this Friday! I cannot wait for the mister to come home from tour so we can take our little man to see it. Horton Hears a Who will be but a distant memory.

As if all of that were not splendifferous enough, find out How Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is Helping to Plant a Billion Trees. Again, I like.

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A big thanks to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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