Getting My Belly Back with Belly Bandit (Review)

I thought I was so lucky after losing weight so quickly with my first. I was back into my pre-pregnancy jeans within the first week after having the baby. I don’t know if it fell off so easily because I worked out everyday until the week my daughter was born, the breastfeeding, or just good luck. I’m going either with the first or last because it is definitely not happening so easily this time around.

As a new mom one of my first goals after having Avery was to get my body back. I felt so big and frumpy throughout most of the pregancy that I couldn’t wait to get my body back. Unfortunately it’s taken a little bit longer than last time to do so, so I had to invest in some help. 

I was sick everyday throughout my pregnancy with Avery which made it very difficult for me to get to the gym everyday and workout. At the time, I didn’t think it would have made such a difference after pregnancy, but I completely notice it now. My stomach didn’t shrink down as easy as it did the first time. I had that little spare tire that just wouldn’t go away.

When I was offered the Belly Bandit, a belly wrap that is designed exclusively for women to wear after pregnancy, I couldn’t refuse. I was willing to try anything to get my belly looking the way it used to. The Belly Bandit has built in compression panels cinch your waist and hips to help tighten and shrink your tummy.

Binding your belly after pregnancy isn’t a new trend that women trying to lose the post-baby weight. Women have been doing this for centuries. Belly binding is said to help lose the weight faster and help in the tightening of the abdominal muscles.

I had a chance to try out their newest Belly Bandit, the Belly Bandit BFF (Body Formulated Fit.) It is the lines most technically advanced wrap available. It has six separate panels designed to curve with the body of a woman.  What I love most about it is the two separate panels of adjustable compression. Because not all women are built the same, these panels help better conform to your body.

I started using the Belly Bandit as soon as I got home from the hospital. I wore it under my clothes almost everyday. While binding isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, it wasn’t super uncomfortable to wear. It didn’t show under my clothes, which made it even better to be able to go out of the house in.

After about three weeks of wearing the Belly Bandit I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans. I have noticed a decrease in the size of my waist since wearing it, especially after taking it off. Now eight weeks postpartum, my stomach isn’t completely back down to the way that it was before I got pregnant, but it is pretty close. I have not been exercising or watching what I eat at all since I had Avery, and I am sure with a little bit of both of those things, I can have it back. I am crediting all of what I have gotten back since having Avery to both nursing and the Belly Bandit. It is now on my must-have list post baby!

To learn more about the Belly Bandit or to purchase your own, visit their website!

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Disclousure: I was not compensated for this post. I received a Belly Bandit for purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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