The Ghost In The Baby Monitor

The ghost in the baby monitor

So here’s a story for you. It ends with me nearly crapping my pants.

It’s around eight o’clock at night, which is pretty much when we turn in around these parts. Violet enjoys waking up anywhere between five and seven in the morning so we’re pretty much done for long before the local evening news ever hits the airwaves.

We’re still sleeping in separate rooms so Serge can actually get some sleep because I’m on Henry duty at night and Serge gets up with Violet in the morning and feeds her breakfast before he leaves for work.

Because I’m on Henry Duty at night and Serge is on Violet Duty, we have two baby monitors. One in Violet’s room and one in Henry’s. A little while after I put Violet to bed Serge says good night and I’m still watching TV and feeding Henry. Soon after that I put Henry in his crib and head into my room.

That’s when I hear it.

A little boy whispering in the monitor. Lots of feverish whispering and I catch the words “Don’t do it!” I am frozen to the spot. I know the monitor is in Henry’s room. Henry is my newborn. Last time I checked, he isn’t talking. So who is? Is someone in Henry’s room? Is there a ghost in Henry’s room?

While these thoughts hopscotch through my mind the whispering continues. Then I think of the ghost boy in the scene in Three Men And A Baby. You know, this? It was rumored that the little boy who lived in the apartment in which they filmed the movie fell out the window and there he is standing behind the curtain during a scene with Ted Danson (you can see what I’m talking about in the video posted below) and somehow the editors of the movie didn’t notice.

I heard the story and watched the video when I was in high school or something and totally flipped out. I think it turns out that it was, like, a cardboard cut out of Ted Danson’s actor character in the movie. It’s all explained here. But I spent a significant portion of time thinking there really was a ghost boy in the movie.

So I’ve got Three Men And A Baby Ghost Boy in my head and I’m wondering if another ghost boy is trying to talk to me poltergeist-style, except not through the TV, through the baby monitor. And also? Maybe the house we’re renting was built on an ancient Indian burial ground and the Native Americans are pissed, who knows?

I run to Serge and I’m like Dude there is a ghost in the baby monitor and he’s whispering stuff to me! He’s reading Middlemarch (Serge, not the ghost) or some ridiculously long book about North Korea and looks at me like I’m nuts.

“Come listen!” I yell.

“You know those things can pick up stuff from pretty far away, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“It can interfere with cell phones, cordless phones or maybe another baby monitor.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that. It’s never happened before. So it could be the neighbor kid or something, if they’re using a monitor too?”


“Oh. Well, now I feel dumb.”

He shrugs, like, of course you’re dumb.

“So, do you think we can listen in on the neighbors’ cell phone conversations?” I want to know. “Because that would be cool.”


Here’s the “Ghost Boy” from Three Men And A Baby. You can see him standing behind the curtains in the window from 35 to 38 seconds:

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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