We Basically Made an Outdoor Waterbed and it was Amazing

I had written on Babble Kids about our summer bucket (of fun) list and on it was making a sort of squishy water sensory mat/bag/bed I had seen on Pinterest. With temperatures in the Midwest at record highs this weekend I figured today would be the perfect day to try it out. I had purchased the materials a few weeks ago while at Home Depot from a supply list on the original post that served as my inspiration. (Updated: the original post that served as inspiration for The Mommies Made me Do It can be found here on Play at Home Mom.) While Vivi was a little nervous about it in the beginning, by the end she was like a little fish on top of water. As she played and bounced and enjoyed the cool sensation of the bag compared to the heat and humidity I realized this was a great way for her to cool off in the summer without the ever present risk of drowning or slipping.

See more photos and find out about Vivi’s experience playing and my experience making it after the jump!

I should have gotten better duct tape. The kind I got wasn’t waterproof and despite taping the edges then folding them and retaping them, there was still a bit of seepage. I didn’t use the blue food coloring although it would have been a nice touch and I used the same plastic sheeting in the same dimensions she did. It was surprisingly sturdy! It took a half an hour or so to tape it and another half an hour to fill it up. (Not to be done during a drought, that’s for sure.) We’ll hopefully get three days of use out of it before Cody starts complaining about it killing his grass. While we don’t be doing it often, it was certainly worth a try. (I could have laid on the thing all day if it weren’t for the little people demanding I move so they could jump and crawl.)

You’ll notice that both Addie and Vivi have blue tiger stripes on their face, that sometimes happen when Cody gets up early with them on Saturday mornings. You may also see that the girls are wet in some of the photos, Addie ended up spraying herself and Vivi with the hose for an extra cool down, not because the bag sprung a leak.

  • The Scene 1 of 6
    The Scene
    We have a really fantastic backyard (thanks Indiana!) and we set the waterbed up at the bottom of a hill so it would be somewhat even. It was pretty stinkin' big, maybe even too big.
  • Toys 2 of 6
    Vivi didn't trust it at first, she was happy to be on it because it was so cool, but she didn't really relax until she had some familiar toys to play with.
  • SO EXCITED! 3 of 6
    After we had lunch on the giant waterbed she was much happier to play and explore with a fully belly.
  • Exploring 4 of 6
    Once she began exploring she didn't want to stop. I felt bad when I took her in for a bath and a nap, she may have been having fun, but she would have ended up EXHAUSTED had she stayed out much longer.
  • Bouncing! 5 of 6
    She learned how to bounce her rear up and down to make waves. She was pretty proud of herself.
  • Abuse 6 of 6
    I was pretty impressed that the bag withstood Addie's numerous dives and jumps into it.

(I also began calling it an outdoor waterbed, water bag just sounds so, pregnancy related.)

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