Dad’s First Father’s Day: A Buyer’s Guide

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light 1 of 7
Maybe it's because the guys at DadLabs have hauled travel cribs all over the country that we like this Swedish-designed product so much. All 10 pounds of it fit neatly into a rectangular suitcase. Check out this demo of the crib from DadLabs.
Graco Sweetpeace 2 of 7
Calling this technological marvel a "swing" does it no justice. The modular design that allows you to configure the unit to replicate your own soothing motion is cool enough, but throw in a sound system... Sick! See a DadLabs' demo of the Sweetpeace.
Tivo or Other Digital Video Recorder 3 of 7
With pregnancy (go ahead and give her the clicker; we'll wait) and then Baby sleeping at odd hours, watching
TV-Guide-style is out. Here technology really helps. Big game? DVR that bad boy and tell your friends to
go away with score updates.
Camo Dad Survival Kit 4 of 7
This bag has the design and functionality a dad needs without looking like a diaper bag. There are easy-access compartments for diapers and wipes, bottles and pacifiers, and built-in stroller straps—all wrapped up in a package so covert it comes in camo.
Nosefrida 5 of 7
Nobody but a good buddy and fellow dad is going to tell you that you need a snot-sucking booger hose, but you do. You know you should never siphon gas using your mouth, right? Same thing with boogers. Use this well-engineered doodad for safe snot siphoning.
The Strollometer 6 of 7
Pimp your stroller with the Strollometer, an onboard computer that can keep track of time and mileage and even weather conditions. It uses wireless technology, so it attaches easily to almost any stroller. See a
demo of the Strollometer.
Due Dads DVDs from DadLabs 7 of 7
Nothing beats comparing notes with other dads. With the DVDs
The Man's Survival Guide to Pregnancy or The Man's Guide to Labor and Delivery, get the dad-to-be the info he needs with a dash of humor—no literacy required.
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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