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Yellow Sad Face

Yesterday, I went to my pediatrician, at the suggestion of my obstetrician, who I had seen for my 6 week check-up (at 7 weeks). She took a look at Fuzz and noticed his eyes were yellow. I had noticed that too, but I thought that was still some new-borny-ness. Turns out, that’s jaundice. Fuzz had been a bit jaundiced in his first week of life but once my milk came in it seemed to dissipate, or so I thought. So one doctor’s appointment turned into two.

Today I have to bring my tiny 7 week old baby (well, 13 lb 1oz, not so tiny) to get bloodwork. Not just a heel prick. He has to get blood drawn from his arm like a big person to check both his bilirubin levels and his liver function.

What does this mean? What should I do? Is this something that will negatively affect him for life? What happens if my son is jaundiced 7 weeks after birth?

I went home and googled.

Bad idea.

What if the jaundice is caused by my breast milk?  Of course, because I was just bragging about the deliciously fattening quality of my breast milk.

Another symptom of jaundice is a very mellow baby. Fuzz is a lot more mellow than Shnook. I thought it was just because…he was mellow. Can’t I just have a mellow baby without him having a liver problem?

And here I was thinking he just had his Dad’s Mediterranean skin.

Anyone else have experience with a jaundiced infant?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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