Goo? Gah? Huh? What? 20 Super-Confused Babies

Confused baby
Come again?

Oh, sure, babies get the reputation of having it made in the shade, what, with getting to do nothing but sleep, eat and have someone else clean up after the poops they so casually make in their pants. But think about it for a minute. Really think about it.

We’re constantly blathering at them in a foreign language. We’re there one minute, the next we’re out of sight. It’s loud then it’s quiet. They’re crying for food, but we’re giving them kisses instead. And the peek-a-boo thing? What’s up with that? It’s a lot for a little person to take in, never mind understand.

Need proof that some babies just don’t always get it? Behold 20 super-cute, super-confused babies:

  • Astonished 1 of 20
    I see your lips moving, but I have no idea what you're saying.
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Baffled 2 of 20
    Let me get this straight: You spend three hours coaxing me to sleep and then you wake me up with a camera flash?
    Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
  • Confounded 3 of 20
    What comes after 3.14? And what does it have to do with dessert?
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Dazed 4 of 20
    Photo credit: Amiee White Beazley
  • Embarrassed 5 of 20
    It really doesn't matter now what I thought it was. But I can assure you that if you had told me it was sand I wouldn't have eaten it.
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Flustered 6 of 20
    I know I saw you a second ago. Where did you go? And can you take your hands away from your eyes, please?
    Photo credit: Allison Stahl
  • Mislead 7 of 20
    Huh. I get that you have a white beard and a big belly, but you sure look like my dad.
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Perplexed 8 of 20
    I have no idea how my hands got dirty. And may I have another cupcake, please?
    Photo credit: Ali Marshall
  • Rattled 9 of 20
    Is that supposed to amuse me? Because I don't get it?
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Distracted 10 of 20
    You want me to cuddle but you also want me to look up and smile? Am I supposed to start multitasking this soon?
    Photo credit: Rollin Simmons
  • Disoriented 11 of 20
    So this is the famed view from my belly?
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Befuddled 12 of 20
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Rattled 13 of 20
    I'm thinking . . . I'm thinking. Give me a minute, will you?
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Lost 14 of 20
    He loves me . . . he loves me not. Wait, what comes after that?
    Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
  • Addled 15 of 20
    Who? What? Where? When? How?
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Misinformed 16 of 20
    What's all this crap about dried plums? You mean to tell me I just ate prunes?
    Photo credit: Tami Solondz
  • Unhinged 17 of 20
    Laugh? Cry? Decisions, decisions.
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Nonplussed 18 of 20
    Wait? Aren't you the same guy who just had some scruffy stuff on your face?
    Photo credit: Allison Stahl
  • Mystified 19 of 20
    Whoa! How'd this stuff get up here?
    Photo credit: iStock
  • Stumped 20 of 20
    If I knew where I was going I'd be there already.
    Photo credit: iStock

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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