Good-Bye Pregnancy Hair. Hello Postpartum Hair Loss.

I felt a tickle on my shoulder while sitting by the pool. I swatted at it thinking it was a bug and found a hair in my fingers. No big deal. Just a hair. Right? Then I refastened my ponytail and came away with more hairs. Lots more hairs.

It has begun. Post-partum hair loss. My hair will never look this good again.

I had thick, gorgeous hair during both my pregnancies. Normally, my hair looks fuller than it really is because it’s super curly but if it flattens out, it’s fairly insubstantial. But while I’m pregnant and the estrogen keeps me from shedding, I’m practically a shampoo model.

Too bad gorgeous pregnancy locks don’t last forever. I remember the shedding period distinctly from after my son’s birth and I’ve been waiting for it to start this time. The hair comes out constantly so I’m always shedding strands around my house and car. I even find them clutched in my baby’s little fist. And in the shower? Let’s just say I’ll be investing in some Dran-O on my next shopping trip.

I know this is normal and I won’t go bald or anything like that. However, it is depressing to have my hair get thinner than usual during the hair loss phase. Then there’s the fun of having all the new growth coming in and creating a corona of little baby hairs around my hairline. If that weren’t a weird enough look, my hair got curlier after the birth of my son so I had two distinct lengths of hair for a while and two distinct textures, too. It wasn’t a look that would catch on. My stylist finally convinced me the only way to have it look cute again was to cut it much shorter when the regrowth got to about chin length.

I’m not sure what I’ll do about my hair this time around. I’m hoping it doesn’t get curlier because it’s already dangerously close to a Seth Rogan-type ‘fro, especially when the humidity is thick. I also hope I don’t have to have to chop it off because having hair too short to pull back would require more work than I’m willing to put into hair these days. Maybe I should just invest in some cute hats and hope for the best.

What have you done to improve the look of your hair postpartum?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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