Goodnight iPad – A Modern Day Parody of Goodnight Moon

Goodnight iPad
Goodnight iPad a modern day parody of Goodnight Moon

As a digital mom with digital kids, technology surrounds us. The kids have iPods. The babies play with the tablets. We have access to internet wherever we go. It’s quite laughable from an outside perspective, but that’s how our lives have evolved with technology.  So when I caught wind of the book Goodnight iPad, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Written by David Milgrim (under the pen name Ann Droyd, get it?), Goodnight iPad serves as a modern day parody of the children’s book classic, Goodnight Moon.

Goodnight iPad tells the story of  an old woman who wants to sleep but can’t due to the digital noise. Mentions of a clock and bowl full of mush, are replaced by electronic gadgets. The book pokes fun at how technology obsessed we have become. Gone are the days of quiet, we are now saturated with the dings and beeps of technology.

Watch Goodnight iPad:


In the bright buzzing room

There was an iPad

And a kid playing Doom

And a screensaver of a bird launching over the moon

There were three little Nooks with ten thousand books

And a huge LCD wifi HDTV with Bose 5.1 6 remotes and 3D

And a Blackberry ringing with Eminem singing

And a new Facebook friend

And text with no end

While Goodnight iPad isn’t quite the sweet story Goodnight Moon was, it will provide a chuckle and may just hit home. It’s a cute book that provides a good reminder for you and your children power down at the end of the day. This would make a great Christmas present for anyone who is technology obsessed.

Goodnight iPad is available at in both print and as an eBook (referral link).

How Technology Obsessed is Your Family?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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