Grandparents: Naughty Treat Sneakers

If my parents weren’t at least 30 years older than me I would have put them in time out this past weekend. Vivi is old enough now to be interested in food and is down with an awful lot of culinary delights. That being said, until this week I was the one in charge of what went into Vivi’s mouth. Sure, Cody feeds her at home but I’m the one that buys and prepares the food so when I saw my mother in law spooning ice cream into her mouth this weekend I was torn between shrugging my shoulders and putting an end to it.

Up until that moment I knew how all of Vivi’s food had been prepared and every last ingredient that went into her mouth. I finally called her out and asked if she was in fact feeding my baby ice cream and she said “Yes. And she likes it.” I shook my head at her and let it lie. Later that night my dad snuck her a bite of coconut cream pie. YOU GUYS SHE’S A BABY AND DOESN’T NEED PIE. Thankfully Vivi hasn’t had any food allergies or issues but what if they had snuck her something that did cause her trouble and I didn’t know what it was?

Believe me, I can see how silly this is. It’s a very first time mom problem with my second baby and it’s not as though it happens everyday (especially after the very serious eyes given to both my parents) but it irks me.

Thankfully Vivi went right back to eating what she normally eats without any ill side effects, the biggest difference is she’s now far more interested in everything we eat and has perfected her big eyed pout in an effort to get a taste of whatever we may have. I know I can’t be in charge of what she eats forever, but I figured I’d at least have control for the first year, minimum.

Are your baby’s grandparents naughty treat sneakers?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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