Grayson is Five-Months-Old: 10 Of My Favorite Photos From The Last Month

I can’t believe that another month has gone by. I am still in awe. I feel like I just had Grayson yesterday. The memories are still fresh and I truly can’t grasp how quickly time is flying by. Literally, flying. I want to freeze it. Right now. Right this moment. Grayson is five-months-old! Five months is just shy of six months which is just shy of a half of a year old! I feel like next thing you know, we will be celebrating his first birthday. Oh, how I really wish I could just freeze time to enjoy the short baby days.

Grayson is still a champ sleeper of a guy. Sleeping 8 plus hours and taking a few naps during the day. I am so thankful he sleeps. Teething hasn’t become an issue…..yet. It’s one of the things I could do without so I am not eager for him to start. He is almost sitting up and boy is he trying so hard. He hates tummy time still and hasn’t rolled over. Probably because he hates being on his stomach. But, he enjoys his bumbo chair and is still completely smitten over his swing. Over the last few weeks we introduced baby food. Yay! My favorite milestone. He loves it. I mean, loves it. We introduced a few more baby toys. Some of them are now his favorite like Sophie the Giraffe which a friend gave us. And overall it was a fun-loving month with our boy and I have plenty of pictures to prove it!

Don’t you think Grayson has grown since last month?

  • I can’t believe it! 1 of 11
    I can't believe it!
    Take a look at my favorite pics from his 5th month.
  • Morning Sunshine 2 of 11
    Morning Sunshine
    Grayson loves waking up to play, play, play. He especially loves his Mickey Mouse rattle.
  • Be Still My Heart 3 of 11
    Be Still My Heart
    It is the moments like this where he just sleeps and I catch myself just staring at his sweet face. This is when I want to freeze time.
  • First Valentine’s Day 4 of 11
    First Valentine's Day
    Grayson celebrated his very first Valentine's Day which of course means he had to dress the part! The adorable onesies was a gift and came just in time. I love it!
    Purchase the onesie from Sweet Threads Co. for $18.95
  • Plays Hard 5 of 11
    Plays Hard
    Grayson was so excited to play with his giraffe, he wore himself out and fell right asleep.
  • Big Smiles 6 of 11
    Big Smiles
    Grayson is just such a happy baby!
  • My Sweet Boy 7 of 11
    My Sweet Boy
    Now I know why they say mommas boy. Because he surely melts my heart everyday.
  • Hello Friends 8 of 11
    Hello Friends
    His sisters have made sure he has plenty to look at during playtime in his crib.
  • Celebrate Good Times 9 of 11
    Celebrate Good Times
    This picture still makes me laugh. This is what happens when you have sisters! Grayson celebrated his sister's 3rd birthday - in style.
  • Oh, Baby Gray 10 of 11
    Oh, Baby Gray
    My little camera ham. And his adorable bowtie. Oh, and chambray romper.
  • Five Months 11 of 11
    Five Months
    See, I am get so big? Thanks for watching me grow!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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