Grayson is Two Months: 12 Of My Favorite Photos This Month

Time is just flying by. It’s hard to believe Grayson is already two months old. This is a few days late. He turned 2 months on December 1st. Here’s a little update on the last few weeks since I last updated here.

Current weight? 9lbs 2oz. I know, I can’t believe it! At one month old he wasn’t even 7lbs so little man has had a serious growth spurt. I can’t thank his diet! Because of his severe acid reflux, we have to mix quite a bit of rice cereal into his bottles. Luckily, we’ve finally found a formula that he can somewhat keep down, but we had a rough few last weeks getting things stabilized. A few weeks ago he spent a little stay in the hospital. You can read all about that here. Because of that, he is still on the heart monitor. This week we took a visit to his amazing gastro specialist and she was able to increase his Prevacid. We are hoping this helps us stay away from another formula change. Right now it’s in between trying to see if he has just reflux or reflux plus an allergy. We are pretty sure it’s a milk/soy allergy, which is why he was switched to Alimentium {formula} and I was no longer able to breastfeed. But — since the rice cereal, change of formula, and the finally keeping half of his feedings down — he has gained weight. Poor guy is also taking Mylanta during the day for when his reflux significant flares which is at least once a day. Yep, acid reflux is one thing I hate. But, stay tuned for that post next week. It’s no fun. 

But — what is fun — starting to coo, seeing a few smiles, wanting to venture out from his swing and stretch across the floor and well, he is growing quickly right in front of us. And of course — I’ve caught the majority of our special moments this month on my iPhone.

Take a look through my favorite {since I guess I have to choose} pictures of Grayson this month!

  • Two Months! 1 of 13
    Two Months!
    Of course we had to document the day with his monthly stick-on tie.
  • So Serious 2 of 13
    So Serious
    Grayson is always taking every little thing in.
  • Hi Mom 3 of 13
    Hi Mom
    I caught his first "real" coo on camera.
  • Big Sister 4 of 13
    Big Sister
    Kennadi loves taking care of her little brother. She can't hold him enough!
  • Those Cheeks 5 of 13
    Those Cheeks
    I just love them!
  • Thanksgiving Day 6 of 13
    Thanksgiving Day
    His first holiday was spent with family. I loved his bowtie!
  • Getting So Big 7 of 13
    Getting So Big
    I remember snapping this photo last week and I had to stop for a second. I just can't believe how big he is getting.
  • Baby Blues 8 of 13
    Baby Blues
    All of our girls have brown eyes except one -- and it looks like he may have them too.
  • Oh, The Wardrobe 9 of 13
    Oh, The Wardrobe
    I have to say -- I have had just as much fun dressing a boy as I did with girls. This is one of my favorite cardigans.
  • Sister Love 10 of 13
    Sister Love
    Sadie, who is 18 months, on average kisses Grayson 30 plus times a day. She has a serious love for him.
  • To The Doctors We Go 11 of 13
    To The Doctors We Go
    Between his hospital stay, acid reflux and a slight ear infection - Grayson went to the doctors 7 times this month. I know, you're telling me!
  • Happy Baby 12 of 13
    Happy Baby
    I have to say -- he is very happy and content for the pain he is in sometimes. He even sleeps 8 hours! Gotta love him.
  • Birth Announcement 13 of 13
    Birth Announcement
    Better late than never right? I finally am sending out his birth announcements. It's okay if they go with the Christmas cards right?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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