Grayson’s Adventures with Sophie The Giraffe (Photos)

Let me introduce you to Sophie The Giraffe, who is Grayson’s favorite toy. Born in 1961 in France, Sophie the Giraffe is a very popular teething toy. She has a long history of helping babies’ pearly whites. Sophie was one of the very first gifts Grayson received before he was even born from a close friend of mine and it has gotten the most use of any toy we’ve ever had. He just loves it!

5 kids later, this was the first time Sophie has made an appearance in our house. I know, shocking right? Considering she is a super-trendy little thing to have. But now, I regret not getting everyone a Sophie to love after seeing Grayson’s attachement to the toy. His face lights up when he sees his favorite giraffe.

Sophie is made of natural rubber and food paint so no worries! She is safe to chew and her shape is easy for baby’s little fingers to grasp. He loves her little squeak too and giggles every time!

  • Grayson’s Adventures with Sophie 1 of 10
    Grayson's Adventures with Sophie
    Click through 9 super-cute pictures of Grayson with his favorite toy, Sophie The Giraffe!
  • The Day They Met 2 of 10
    The Day They Met
    It was smiles all around!
  • Sweet Dreams Sophie 3 of 10
    Sweet Dreams Sophie
    It's like his lovie. Forget a blanky or teddy bear. Sophie is where it's at.
  • Got My Sophie Girl 4 of 10
    Got My Sophie Girl
    Doesn't this hat make him look like a little guido? So funny! Looks like he could fit right in with the cast of Jersey Shore. He may be chewing his hands but as you can see -- he just can't put Sophie down!
  • I’ve Got My Eye on You Sophie 5 of 10
    I've Got My Eye on You Sophie
    His sisters lined up all of his favorite things but it looks like Grayson has his eye on one thing and one thing only.
  • Playing with My Favorite 6 of 10
    Playing with My Favorite
    Even on the floor the first thing he reaches for is the sweet giraffe.
  • Just Hanging Around 7 of 10
    Just Hanging Around
    Waiting for my food, with my dinner date.
  • Snuggling 8 of 10
    Just taken today after a rough appointment at the ear, nose and throat doctor -- we found out Grayson has to get tubes. I am sure Sophie will be coming along for surgery.
  • Ready to Go Mom! 9 of 10
    Ready to Go Mom!
    Where we go, Sophie goes!
  • So Happy 10 of 10
    So Happy
    Even when I am eating I can still hang on to my favorite toy. Right Mom?
Article Posted 4 years Ago

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