Grayson’s Hospital Visit For RSV With Big Sisters in Tow (Photos)

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught how my Monday went from awesome to bad.

Yesterday, Grayson took an unexpected trip the the hospital. Because well, when is a trip ever planned to the hospital. We found out last week that Grayson was going to have surgery to get tubes in his ears. At six-months-old, he has now battled 5 ear infections and is currently being treated for his second double ear infection. With our family history of ear problems, I wasn’t surprised and I can’t wait for him to get this surgery behind us because they help so much. He has been on an antibiotic for the last 4 weeks but on Easter Sunday, he was still running a fever.

On Wednesday we took a trip to the ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) which is where we scheduled surgery and found out that he did in fact have another ear infection. Due to the fluid in his ears, and how badly infected his ears were, it caused him to be very congested. Over the weekend he developed a pretty productive cough and that is when I knew this was probably more than just the ear infection alone. Sunday evening after we spent the day with family for Easter, I realized Grayson was going to need to go to the doctors first thing Monday morning. After checking his respiratory rate and observing his stomach, he was breathing way to fast for a 6-month-old. I continued to check him all night because, unfortunately, I am a pro when it comes to respiratory issues. All of my girls have had RSV and are asthmatic. I was sure that Grayson was following in their foot steps.

Having 2 years of nursing school plus ten years as a mom under my belt, my first thought was RSV. After RSV almost took my now 3-year-old’s life at 11 weeks old, I never take it lightly. So I called the doctor first thing Monday morning because I couldn’t tell if the wheeze was coming from his lungs or his super-stuffy nose. Poor little guy could hardly eat his bottle.

Sure enough after an exam at the doctors, we were sent over to the hospital for further evaluation. And of course that meant 3 kids were in tow because I had both Kennadi and Sadie with me. I was taking Sadie to the doctor’s as well for a sinus and eye infection. Thankfully, my sister had come along because I didn’t think we would end up in the hospital. It was a family affair.  The good news was Grayson wasn’t wheezing as badly as he could have been and really a lot of his problems go back to his ears and congestion in the nose. However one thing did come back positive after blood work, urinalysis, and a chest x-ray. Those three little letters I hate. RSV.

Grayson celebrated his half birthday in the hospital. He turned 6-months-old yesterday and just had to bring it on with a bang. After finding out he has RSV, we confirmed he does have asthma so we will be doing round the clock breathing treatments and most likely a preventive as well. After some good suctioning, evaluating and breathing treatments we are happy to be home and everything seems to be much better and under control today.

So now we wait. We have no idea if this RSV has been in his system for weeks, because that can happen. And one thing about RSV, it gets worse before it gets better. Good news? We are pretty sure that the worst is over and we most likely caught it in time before it to got bad, like extended stay hospital bad. RSV is still scary. Even a cold and fever is scary. But I am happy this little hospital journey of his resulted in him getting better and quickly treated so he could come home. Now, we just hope he gets better so he can have the surgery he needs to stay well.

Take a little peek into just went on during his hospital stay and browse through photos of his visit and time with his sisters. 

  • Grayson Has RSV 1 of 18
    Grayson Has RSV
    Click through 17 photos of Grayson's hospital visit and see how he is such a trooper through it all.
  • Just Hanging Out 2 of 18
    Just Hanging Out
    Waiting for the doctor to arrive.
  • X-Ray Time 3 of 18
    X-Ray Time
    Grayson heading to get a chest x-ray still finds the time to coo in his cute little voice.
  • One Tired Momma 4 of 18
    One Tired Momma
    The hospital is never stress free. Sometimes I think Mom's are allowed a melt down moment.
  • Happy Baby 5 of 18
    Happy Baby
    Just after getting his IV in, Grayson is trying to chew it out.
  • Poor Sweet Sadie 6 of 18
    Poor Sweet Sadie
    Sadie was 6 weeks early and as a preemie constantly battles eye infections. My poor girl just wasn't herself.
  • Auntie Love 7 of 18
    Auntie Love
    I was so thankful my sister was with me. My husband really couldn't leave work so if I would have had all 3 at the hospital - I might not have come out alive.
  • Missed Naptime 8 of 18
    Missed Naptime
    Oh those eyes. Sadie missed nap time and wouldn't give-in at the hospital.
  • Thank Goodness for Cable 9 of 18
    Thank Goodness for Cable
    The girls were getting antsy and Grayson was determined to get his IV off. A little Dora always does the trick.
  • Thankful for Sisters 10 of 18
    Thankful for Sisters
    I actually think it wasn't too bad having the girls with us -- it gave Grayson something to take his mind off what was really going on.
  • Found My Feet 11 of 18
    Found My Feet
    6-months-old and I finally found my feet Mom!
  • The Girls 12 of 18
    The Girls
    Taking some time on the iPhone to watch Netflix.
  • Miss Kennadi 13 of 18
    Miss Kennadi
    Did such a good job being a big sister!
  • And Now We Wait….. 14 of 18
    And Now We Wait.....
    and hope he gets better with round the clock breathing treatments.
  • How I Plan To Work 15 of 18
    How I Plan To Work
    It seems as if I will be getting extra cuddles. This is how I worked this morning. But, I don't mind it!
  • The Lifesaver 16 of 18
    The Lifesaver
    Our nebulizer has helped us so many times and truly is a lifesaver when you have littles with asthma.
  • Smiles 17 of 18
    but won't give up the pacifier when she is not feeling her self!
  • Ready to Go Home 18 of 18
    Ready to Go Home
    I miss my swing, my Dad and my other sisters. See ya later RSV!

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