Great. The Baby Formula I Chose For My Son May Contain Arsenic.

In the news today: High Arsenic Levels found in some organic foods/baby formula. Ughhh. NOT THIS. Can I tell you all a little story before I share the details. I have gone rounds and rounds on choosing the right formula for Arlo to supplement breastfeeding. I read and compared labels and spoke with other concerned parents and my pediatrician. Just two weeks ago, I finally settled on Baby’s Only formula. It’s organic, all ingredients are sourced from the US, and it didn’t contain hexane derived DHA which has been questioned as safe for baby formula. Finally, I thought… the right formula for Arlo.

And then today, a new report – A recent study found that baby formulas with brown rice syrup were found to have 20 times higher levels of arsenic than formulas made without it. Many foods have some level of naturally produced arsenic, but brown rice in particular seems to have a higher concentration. There are no known studies as to the effects of prolonged consumption of arsenic in babies but obviously the outcome can’t be good.

I’m freaking out a bit! We’re only half way through our first small can of it, and we mixed it with Breastmilk at each feeding but knowing I might have given my child arsenic tainted formula is so upsetting. It also makes me ask the question – ARE THERE ANY SAFE FORMULAS OUT THERE??!? ┬áSo many people discouraged me from the major Enfamil/Similac varieties (that I used with my first child) because the milk proteins are sourced from China and overseas where they are not as strictly regulated (there was a melamine scare a few years ago). Then I heard that soy formula was bad for baby boys (too much estrogen?). Then DHA was the bad guy – and now brown rice syrup is poisonous too. I don’t like anything about ┬áhaving to make this choice – when it comes to my child’s health and wellbeing, I don’t want to choose the least harmful formula – Instead I want to choose the best, most beneficial formula for his development.

Does it exist? I sure hope so.


(Note: a response from Baby’s Only on arsenic concerns)


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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