Growth Spurt At Nine Months?

Here is a question for the Universe: Is it possible that my baby is having a growth spurt?

Do you guys remember that time when your babies were three weeks old, and all of the sudden all they wanted to do was nurse, and so you just sat there on the couch with your boob hanging out alternatively praying that your milk would just let down again already and crying in a sad little heap because your nipples hurt and you were pretty sure you would never wear a shirt again or leave the house?

Please, don’t pretend that wasn’t you too.

Over the last few weeks our nighttime rituals were getting pretty well figured out. Down for the night around 8, up to eat once around 4, up for the day around 8, but last night . . . ohhhh, last night . . .

Let’s ignore for the moment the fact that my mister dude is nine months old and shouldn’t be pulling this garbage. Okay? Okay. I mean, he shouldn’t be getting up even once, but, you know, etc. and etc.

Last night, Huck was up and crying inconsolably every. ninety. minutes. Sometimes he’ll wake up and cry and I can tell they are the cries of a kid who just wants to fall back to sleep and is frustrated that he hasn’t yet. These were not those cries. Those cries eventually lead to falling back asleep. These are “Mooooooooom heeeeeeeeelpppp me, I’m saaaaaaaaaaad!” cries, and they eventually lead to “MOM! I’M DYING IN HERE! PANIC! I WILL SCREAM ALL NIGHT! WOE WOE WOE!” You know what I mean?

So last night as I was uncomfortably twisted all weird and my boob was hanging out and Huck was taking up over half of the bed (but really, how does that happen?) I was like, Hey wait, I RECOGNIZE THIS EXPERIENCE!

(Today my nipples hurt like a mother let me tell you.)

So, someone back me up on this. Is there such thing as a nine month growth spurt? Please and thanks.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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