Gurgles, Sighs, Coos and… Snorts?

wolf coosFor a few weeks now, Wolf has been developing his wordless language beyond his newborn cries and wails.  It’s impossibly cute to hear him chattering away.  He lets out big coos when he’s happy and satisfied.  He gurgles and sighs with delight.  These noises are super adorable and I could listen to them all day long!  But yes, he snorts, too.

When Wolf is really mad about something, his cry sort of turns into a snort – and not just a little snort.  It’s a full on pig impersonation!  At first I couldn’t believe that sound was coming out of my sweet baby but now I can’t help but laugh at him.  It’s like he gets so worked up crying that he takes in too much air through his nose – hence the snort.  Needless to say, we work hard on meeting his needs quickly so that “the little pig” doesn’t show up.

But what I love most though are those little coos.  We’ve been cooing back to him and it seems to make him so happy!  It’s like we’re having our own little baby conversation.  I never understood why parents cooed and made little noises to their baby so much.  Now the coo has become a part of my vocabulary too.

What about you?  What do you remember about the first little noise your baby made?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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