Hair! My Baby Was Actually Born With Hair!

Having birthed three babies prior to Paul, I’ve come to expect a few things of my babies. I’ve convinced myself that my husband and I can only make one kind of child. They’re all stunningly the same, until about 6 months of age, when they finally start coming into their own personalities and looks.

For instance, they will have my nose, and will have chubby cheeks but skinny legs. They will be overdue by a few days, and will weight somewhere between 7-8 pounds.

And always, they will be bald. So very, very, bald. Barely a strand of hair on their big baby heads. Heck, my daughter was darn near bald until her second birthday.

And then I had Paul.

One of the first things I remember hearing in the delivery room from my husband was him commenting on “all of his dark brown hair.”

My husband is tall, dark haired, and in my opinion pretty handsome, and I’ve always said I would die of cute to have a little boy that took after my husband. Because so far, I had been 3 for 3 with little bald babies who eventually turned into blondes (not that blonds are bad, I’m a blond-ish gal myself).

I know what you’re thinking: “That baby doesn’t have much hair! My kids were born with 3 times that much!” I know, I know, but for me, Paul has been my baby born with the thickest mane. And it’s true, over the course of the past two months, it has thinned out a bit. But in my opinion, we have a baby with hair!

The thought of having a little dark haired boy is exciting, and I’m crossing my fingers his hair stays this way.

How about your baby? Did the amount of hair your baby was born with surprise you?

image credit: Casey Mullins

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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