Half of a Year in 20 Photos.

Vivi came from me and into our lives six months ago today.

I don’t really have anything eloquent to say about the subject since I feel as though I’m still that poor girl who so desperately wants to be pregnant.

Not only did I get pregnant, I had a baby…and that baby is suddenly 6 months old and spitting peas all over my face at the dinner table. (Literally, my husband had to wipe them off my face in front of company.)

She’s still so little and squashy. But at the same time I look at pictures of her from the last 6 months (OH THERE ARE A LOT) and she is huge. HUGE!

It may also have something to do with the fact that she wore an 18 month outfit out and about today. How I made such a tall baby is beyond my realm of comprehension.

Just as the fascination with any new thing fades, the fascination of my new baby has faded with a lot of people. But thankfully none of the people who live in this house.

Vivi looks at her dad as though he hung the moon and lit every star in the sky. She stares at him with this sort of dumbfounded adoration. The two of them get lost in time when they are reunited at the end of the day. Addie still proudly shows off her baby sister the same way she did from the moment she was born and the two of them together can get into such fits of laughter I begin to wonder if I’m the butt of their joke.

I didn’t do the monthly sticker on a onesie or a photo next to a particular stuffed animal each month. While those things are a great way to keep track of how a baby grows, they just don’t fit in with my personality. What I did do is have my camera ready on all those really good days, when the sun is shining and everyone was happy.

The days I’ll look back at and miss the most as this baby grows, but also the days I’ll remember the most because I have the pictures to prove we were all there.

  • Her first day here 1 of 20
    Her first day here
  • 4 days old 2 of 20
    4 days old
  • 1 week old 3 of 20
    1 week old
  • 24 days old 4 of 20
    24 days old
  • 6 weeks old 5 of 20
    6 weeks old
  • 6 weeks old 6 of 20
    6 weeks old
  • 7 weeks old 7 of 20
    7 weeks old
  • 8 weeks old 8 of 20
    8 weeks old
    On the day of her blessing.
  • 11 weeks old 9 of 20
    11 weeks old
  • 3 months old 10 of 20
    3 months old
  • 3 months old 11 of 20
    3 months old
    And proclaiming Midwest really *is* best.
  • 4 months old 12 of 20
    4 months old
  • 4 months old 13 of 20
    4 months old
  • 4 months old 14 of 20
    4 months old
    And at the peak of her chubtasticness.
  • Almost 5 months old 15 of 20
    Almost 5 months old
  • 5 months old 16 of 20
    5 months old
    And freshly bathed.
  • 5 months old. 17 of 20
    5 months old.
  • 5 months old 18 of 20
    5 months old
  • 6 months 19 of 20
    6 months
  • Half of a year 20 of 20
    Half of a year

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