Halloween and the Baby Steve Jobs

baby steve jobs
Baby Steve Jobs

Happy Halloween! It’s our little Zeke’s first Halloween – and of course we had to dress him up.

As many of you parents of older kids know, when your children get to a certain age – you pretty much no longer have a say as to what they will dress up as. So, enjoy it while you can still choose your kid’s costume!

When we learned of Steve Jobs passing a few weeks ago, I knew little Zeke had to dress up as this brilliant mind. Someday he will look back at these pictures, and most likely say – why didn’t you just dress me up as a shark or something simple. In which I will explain that his mom can’t do out of the box costumes and that he’ll have to live with it. Plus, his mom is a wee bit Apple obsessed.

Fortunately putting together a Steve Jobs costume is simple. Steve’s attire was well branded.

  • Black Turtleneck
  • Round Glasses
  • Blue Jeans
  • New Balance Shoes (sorry Zeke, Mommy didn’t splurge on those.)
  • And no Steve Jobs costume would be complete without his handy dandy Apple creations


  • Baby Steve Jobs 1 of 6
    Baby Steve Jobs
    Baby Steve Jobs will be happy when Halloween is over and he can get out of his Steve Jobs costume.
  • Baby Steve Jobs 2 of 6
    Baby Steve Jobs
    Baby Steve Jobs wonders when they'll make Steve Jobs eyeglasses for infants.
  • Baby Steve Jobs 3 of 6
    Baby Steve Jobs
    Baby Steve Jobs has no idea what is going on and doesn't like that!
  • Baby Steve Jobs 4 of 6
    Baby Steve Jobs
    Baby Steve Jobs wondering why his Bumbo is green. The real Steve Jobs would of wanted a simpler color.
  • Baby Steve Jobs 5 of 6
    Baby Steve Jobs
    Baby Steve Jobs insisting that his team re-do the design of the iPhone 5.
  • Baby Steve Jobs 6 of 6
    Baby Steve Jobs
    Baby Steve Jobs working on his iPad.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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