Halloween: City Style (PHOTOS)

After the devastation that NYC endured from Hurricane Sandy, we were very lucky and fortunate to have a Halloween this year. Much of the upper part of Manhattan only had minor damage, so we were able to go on with the celebration as planned.

It couldn’t have come at a better time. The girls and I have been stuck inside our apartment for much of the week and although we were able to get outside a little bit today, there are still a lot of places that remain closed due to lack of transportation into and around the city.

The weather today was brisk and overcast and I was so worried that it might be a little too cold to bring Avery out. But with her costume providing extra padding and a great blanket, I didn’t want her to miss out on her first big Halloween in NYC.

Halloween in the city is much different than it is in the suburbs. Many of the apartments have trick-or-treating within their building and the kids never have to leave the comfort of home. We decided when we moved here that we wanted to try to get as suburban as we can in the city and find a place that gives candy outdoors. After a little bit of research last year I found a street lined with townhouses that goes all out on their Halloween decorations. The homes are decked out like haunted houses sure to give all of the kids that go by a little spook.

We went for the first time last year and were immediately surprised at the incredible amount of people that go to this street. It’s hard to pass by without knocking into someone else. But even with all of the people, it was so much fun and exactly what we were looking for. We loved it so much that we decided to go again this year. Check out our very New York City Halloween after the jump!

  • Testing it Out 1 of 12
    Testing it Out
    I put her costume on a little bit before we left so that she could get used to having it on. I was unsure just how much she would like it and if she would be able to move in it. As soon as I tried it on she crawled over to the stool and pulled herself up. I'd say she was perfectly capable of doing just about anything in the costume.
  • I Think I Like It 2 of 12
    I Think I Like It
    She crawled around the apartment this afternoon in her costume with a smile on her face. The flower was definitely a successful choice!
  • A Princess and Her Flower 3 of 12
    A Princess and Her Flower
    Of course once my princess was dressed I had to get both girls together.
  • Sisterly Love 4 of 12
    Sisterly Love
    Harlan was trying to get Avery to laugh and looked up for one split second to show her sweet smile and the love she has for her sister.
  • Trick Or Treating Here We Come 5 of 12
    Trick Or Treating Here We Come
    Our first time as a family of four headed out into the city to trick-or-treat. Avery had no idea the fun she was about to have. Harlan couldn't have been anymore excited.
  • Hanging On The Stoop 6 of 12
    Hanging On The Stoop
    I wanted to get one quick shot on our stoop before we made our way. Of course neither girl would smile at the same time. The quick shot turned into about 15 shots. This was the best I could get.
  • The Streets of NYC Are Ready For Us 7 of 12
    The Streets of NYC Are Ready For Us
    There is a really great street that we found last year while trick or treating. It is full of townhouses and not many apartment buildings, which is rare for NYC. It's about 15 blocks from our apartment, but well worth the walk.
  • Momma and Her Girls 8 of 12
    Momma and Her Girls
    I was so excited to see Avery experience Halloween for the first time and Harlan to get to do it again in the city!
  • First Stop at the Scary House 9 of 12
    First Stop at the Scary House
    The street we trick or treating on goes all out on their decorations. This was the first scary stop on our adventure.
  • My Pretty Flower 10 of 12
    My Pretty Flower
    The crowd on the street was so intense that I could barely get my stroller through the crowd. Avery and I decided to hang back a bit while my husband and Harlan went door to door. We were both happy staying behind.
  • Ready to Go Home 11 of 12
    Ready to Go Home
    It was nearing Avery's bedtime and you could tell she wanted to go home. The tears started flowing and she wanted out of her stroller.
  • Too Much Halloween Fun 12 of 12
    Too Much Halloween Fun
    Soon after the tears, she was out like a light. Halloween had proven to be fun and utterly exhausting for this little flower.

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