Halloween Throwback: A Look Back At My Kids’ First Halloween Costumes (Photos)

With Halloween today, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my little ones’ first and second Halloween costumes. Sad to say, I couldn’t even find my oldest Zoe’s first costume. I am not sure what I would do without digital photos and being able to just pull them off my Facebook. That sounds so sad doesn’t it? I take so many photos (I currently have over 5,000 on my iPhone), so I don’t know how I would store and print them now.

But for the most part I was able to dig into the archives, and it was so much fun seeing how much they have grown and looking back at their costumes. It made me even more excited to get them all dressed up tomorrow, especially since Grayson is walking this year. Last year, he was only a few weeks old and about 7 pounds, so he wasn’t able to really enjoy the holiday. I can’t wait to share his costume with you all and recount how trick or treating goes.

In the meantime, click through photos of my little ones’ first Halloween costumes! 

  • Happy Halloween: Throwback Thursday Edition 1 of 10

    Throwback Thursday and Happy Halloween! Take a look back at my children's first + second Halloween costumes.

  • Sadie the Elephant 2 of 10
    sadie elephant

    Doesn't Sadie just looked thrilled? She loved her costume, believe me! But in every picture I snapped, she looked at me like, "Really, Mom?" So funny! 

  • M the Skunk 3 of 10

    This was one of my favorite baby costumes to date. It just made everyone laugh! 

  • Little Mermaid 4 of 10

    Two years ago, Sadie was a mermaid for her very first Halloween, and we snapped this picture at my grandmother's house before heading out to take the girls trick-or-treating. Doesn't she look thrilled? I purchased the crocheted mermaid tail off Etsy, which came with the headband, and my mother-in-law created the perfect onesie. This is one of my favorite costumes to look back on. I just love it! 

  • One of My Favorites: A Peacock 5 of 10
    pea cock

    I'll never forget rushing to Gymboree for this adorable peacock costume and dressing to match her. It was so much fun to do her makeup to match, and she loved every minute of being dressed up. 

  • Bumble Bee Kennadi 6 of 10
    bumble bee

    Kennadi just wasn't feeling well on her first Halloween. I remember how badly she was teething and I tried to wipe her nose and drool in between every picture. But she still was smiling! She was a chunky little girl, so the bumble bee costume suited her well. 

  • Little Devil 7 of 10
    m devil

    McKenzie has always been feisty. She is such a good girl, but like any little ones, she had her moments during her terrible twos, which is why I laughed when she chose this costume. Her face says it all! 

  • Zoe The Goddess 8 of 10

    I was able to find Zoe's first Halloween photo, but I just had to share her kindergarden photo during her Halloween parade. She was so into character as a goddess. She never wanted to take this costume off! 

  • Our Little Monkey 9 of 10
    grayson.31 PM.png

    Grayson was actually due last year on Halloween, so when he surprised us 5 weeks early, it was hard finding my little preemie a costume when he was just 5 pounds. So, we popped on his monkey hat, and he was ready to go. The only thing missing was a banana. 

  • Carl from Disney’s UP 10 of 10

    This year, we can't wait to dress him up and made his costume, thanks to this very inspiring photo above. I can't wait to see Grayson as Carl from Disney's UP! He loves balloons, so this is just perfect for him. I can't wait to share photos! 

    Image via Auburn Soul Photography 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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