HALP! My Baby Won’t Keep Her Socks On!

Moms of Babble! I need your expertise!

You see, my baby has new habit: she kicks off her socks. And while I like to encourage my children to cultivate athletic interests, sock-kicking is not weather appropriate for December. Especially since she mainly does it in the car or stroller so she’s at risk for traipsing about outside with her little toes exposed to the elements.

I’ve tried a number of different brands of socks – Circo, Carter’s, Old Navy – and they all pop off when the baby gets her feet going. The triple-fold style used to be my favorite socks when my son was a baby five years ago but it seems like the current generation of that style doesn’t have as much elastic in them. The result is they’re loose enough to come off easily when faced with constantly twitching little feet. The anklets fit a little tighter but once they hit a particular point on her heel, they snap like a rubber band shot by a 4th grader.

I know I could switch her to tights but that seems like a lot of trouble. Surely there are baby socks that stay on baby feet? I mean, the problem of socks falling off isn’t a new one. There must be some physicist-turned-baby-sock-designer who has figured out how to make socks stay on, right?

Before I head out to the mall and start buying every sock on the rack in an attempt to find the magic pair that will resist my daughter’s efforts to ditch them, I thought I’d ask all of you: what socks have you liked? I’m taking any and all suggestions!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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