Happy Birthday Avery!

31db7432662111e19e4a12313813ffc0_7Today is Avery’s first birthday! It has been a year since she came into this world and blessed my life. Having Avery as a part of our family just makes it that much more complete. She brings this special spark that is more evident with every day that passes.

This year with Avery has brought more joy than I could have ever imagined. To be honest, it has gone by more quickly than I thought it would. It makes me sad to think that she is quickly leaving the baby stage behind and is turning into a toddler. So much has happened this past year that has made my life infinitely better. I am so excited to share this very special day with her.

Happy Birthday, Little A! I hope that we continue to have these special moments together forever!

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    First Meeting
    This is the very first moment that I met Avery. I remember shortly after I held her in my arms she just started crying. I couldn't get her to stop and I was terrified that this was a glimpse into what she was going to be like at home. I couldn't have been more wrong. She has been the most relaxed and easy going baby. She is such an incredible joy to our family.
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    Love at First Sight
    I honestly didn't know how the girls were going to interact with one another. I didn't want Harlan to feel that there was competition and I didn't want Avery to feel neglected when I had to give Harlan attention. My worries were subsided when I saw Harlan lock eyes on Avery. They loved each other from the very beginning and their love for one another grows stronger each day. When Avery was just a newborn, we would spend a lot of time in the bed in the morning. Harlan would come up on the bed with us and the first thing that she would do is give Avery a kiss. It was always such a special moment between them.
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    Happy Mother's Day
    This photo was taken the morning of Mother's Day. Avery went through a phase where she would only sleep in her swing. On this particular morning she gave me the best Mother's Day gift and slept more than 8 hours that night. It felt so amazing to wake up refreshed and to a happy baby.
  • Attached 4 of 15
    When I had Avery, I knew it was going to be a new experience for me. With Harlan, I went back to work after three months. With Avery, I didn't have to do that. She is with me all of the time, which can definitely bring it's challenges. This particular day was one when Avery didn't want to sleep at all. She only wanted to be held. Even with no nap, she still managed to bring me so much joy and fulfillment that I am able to stay home with her.
  • Beach Baby 5 of 15
    Beach Baby
    This was one of Avery's first trips to the beach. She laid on the towel and just watched everyone the entire time. She must have found the sound of the waves relaxing, because she was so calm. I love the way that this photo just captures her laid back attitude that day.
  • Angry Avery 6 of 15
    Angry Avery
    This was one of the very first photos of Angry Avery that I ever captured. She hardly does it now, but she went through a phase when she would make this face that she was so angry when she really wasn't. This is probably one of the best moments that I captured during her Angry Avery stage.
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    Bonding Time
    This is one of my favorite shots of the girls together. I was trying to pack for a trip and walk out of my room to find Harlan "reading" to Avery. Avery was so interested in every single word that Harlan had to say. It was such a special moment to witness.
  • Motherhood Tested 8 of 15
    Motherhood Tested
    Avery and I were stuck on an airplane for over seven hours due to a delayed flight. In this type of situation with a five month old, I thought I would have lost it. But Avery, being the laid back and calm baby that she is, did absolutely amazing. She couldn't have been anymore perfect for that trip. Not only was I tested as a mother, but Avery's patience was tested. We came out of that flight closer and stronger.
  • Work Buddy 9 of 15
    Work Buddy
    As a work at home mom, Avery is literally with me all of the time. When she was younger, she would sit on my lap and work with me at my computer every single morning. If she was cranky, we'd pull out my phone and let her look at herself in the camera. Once that satisfied her, it was back to work for me while she desperately tried to reach for the computer. She is the best work buddy I could have ever asked for.
  • Dare Devil 10 of 15
    Dare Devil
    Avery has no fear. She sees everything that Harlan does and wants to mimic it. That includes all of the big girl things. Even when she knows she isn't supposed to be doing something she looks at me with this grin and starts to shake her head no. This photo shows the very first time that she learned how to climb onto something. She loved it until she realized that she didn't know how to get down.
  • She’s a Lover 11 of 15
    She's a Lover
    Avery loves to love. She loves to give love and show you her love. I don't think I've ever met a more affectionate baby than Avery. I love that this moment captured a glimpse of Avery's love for Harlan. Without notice, Avery went up to Harlan and gave her a hug. Harlan embraced it. They love each other so much.
  • Stroller Baby 12 of 15
    Stroller Baby
    Avery and I are always out and about. Living in the city without a car, you rely on your stroller most of the time. We go out quite a bit to take Harlan to and from preschool and to run errands. Even though she is in and out of the stroller, she is always so easy going about it. I love that she can just sit back and relax and go with the flow. I love that she is happy all of the time!
  • Observant 13 of 15
    Avery loves to watch everything that goes on all of the time. Our dogs were running back and forth in the hallway and Avery just sat on the side watching them go as her head turned from side to side. Once she figured out their little game she tried to crawl back and forth to get them. It kept her entertained for the longest time.
  • Miss Outgoing 14 of 15
    Miss Outgoing
    Avery is the most outgoing baby that I've ever met. She literally says hi to every single person that she passes. As soon as I walk into her room to get her out of the crib in the morning she waves and says, "hi mama." Avery loves everyone and everyone loves Avery.
  • Exceeding Expectations 15 of 15
    Exceeding Expectations
    This was one of the very first moments that Avery started to walk. She was only 10 months old. With her being so tiny for her age, it blows my mind at some of the things that she can do. I remember watching in awe as she started to take little steps down our hallway to try to walk. She was so proud of herself and her accomplishments. I couldn't have been more proud of her either.

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