Happy Half Birthday Zeke!

Happy Half Birthday Zeke
Happy Half Birthday Zeke

Today Zeke turned 6 months old. A half birthday – which is a cause for celebration!

This 6 month special day thing, I think got to his head. While Zeke is a totally love bug, the dude has brains and he is learning how to use them. His curiousness and desire to explore the world is intense and this mom is scared.

Today he sat up for the first time by himself for over a minute. He also has started rolling…. EVERYWHERE. So much rolling that he rolled over several toys and scratched his legs up pretty bad causing blood all over the place (lovely, being a mom isn’t it?).

I have a feeling we’re about to notice the big shift that happens with mobility. Oh how I wish babies could stay little forever – and why all of this milestone crap on your half birthday?

Today we laughed, captured some great photos (see below) and celebrated Zeke’s first 6 months of life.

The older kids yipped “why didn’t we get a half birthday celebration?”. Well kids, frankly you are loud and not as cute as Zeke. Don’t worry I didn’t tell them that.

  • 6 Months Ago 1 of 9
    6 Months Ago
    6 months ago today, you graced us with your presence. We love you Zekerz!
  • Playing in Your Bumbo 2 of 9
    Playing in Your Bumbo
    Happy half birthday baby boy!
  • Wee! 3 of 9
    You squeal when you laugh, it's adorable.
  • Lovable 4 of 9
    Please stay as loving as you are now. Your brothers and sisters grew out of that loving thing. Stay lovable, please.
  • Kick and Squirm 5 of 9
    Kick and Squirm
    We lay you on the ground and you kick like you're brother does when he's playing Fruit Ninja on the xBox - except you are on the ground and there's no fruit flying at you.
  • Wonder 6 of 9
    I often watch you sit in awe and wonder. You are an observer like your daddy is. This could mean trouble for me.
  • Happiness 7 of 9
    Happiness is seeing you LOL. Your laugh exudes happiness.
  • Let Me Taste That 8 of 9
    Let Me Taste That
    I, your mother - promised you food at 6 months. I know - you are 6 months... this weekend son, this weekend.
  • Woohoo! 9 of 9
    6 months! YAY!

What in the world? I say this every month on here, and I say it out loud every day – Where does time go?

How Quickly They Grow! What Is Your Favorite Milestone Memory?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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