20 Things We Have Learned About Having a Large Family

20 things we have learned by having a large family
20 things we have learned by having a large family.

In August, we had our fourth child Zeke.

Since moving from 3 to 4 kids, our life is now a constant lesson on learning how to balance and raise these children.

One HUGE thing we have learned is that most people we come in contact with, can’t comprehend having 4 kids. (And to think, 4 isn’t THAT many!). It’s always so fascinating to me, the response I get when I tell someone I have 4 kids. The typical replies include:  “How do you do it?” or “Did you say 4?”  “Are you done?”. We even have family members who make off handed comments in regards to our family size. I guess in the world we live in – larger families just aren’t the norm.

With a large family, (like all things) there are ups and downs and then there are things that are just different.

Here are 20 Things We Have Learned About Having a Large Family


  • Celebrations 1 of 20
    There is always a reason to celebrate with 4 kids! It maybe a birthday, holiday or milestone - but we celebrate - A LOT!
  • Sleep Schedules 2 of 20
    Sleep Schedules
    With 6 people in the house, there are only a few hours during the night when everyone is actually sleeps. Someone seems to always be up needing to pee, be fed a bottle or with a nightmare.
  • Traveling Isn’t the Same 3 of 20
    Traveling Isn't the Same
    Now when we travel, we require more than the typical hotel room. Thankfully there are several hotel chains that offer a bedroom or affordable suites when we travel. I won't even go into the car ride just to get to the location.
  • Sibling Rivalry 4 of 20
    Sibling Rivalry
    Imagine this. The kids all don't get along all the time.
  • The Unexpected 5 of 20
    The Unexpected
    You never know what you'll find with 4 kids. For example, I found crayons shoved into every crevice of my floor heater in the office.
  • Eating Out is a Circus 6 of 20
    Eating Out is a Circus
    The other night we went out to eat with 2 other families. Let's just say we took up half of the restaurant and I'm pretty sure we scared away a few customers.
  • Family Fun Nights 7 of 20
    Family Fun Nights
    A night at the movies now means sitting on the couch.
  • The Car Situation 8 of 20
    The Car Situation
    We had to purchase another vehicle to fit our family. A standard car just won't cut it with 4 kids!
  • Marriage 9 of 20
    Since having our 4th child, more than ever maintaining our marriage is a priority. Anytime our relationship slips, I feel our parenting slip. It's totally 50/50 in our house! I am SO thankful to have a partner who is dedicated to me and these children.
  • Family Photos 10 of 20
    Family Photos
    This is what happens anytime we try to take a photo of all the kids. Out of all of the times I've tried to snap a shot, I have maybe 4 that everyone is looking at the camera.
  • Working 11 of 20
    Since having our 4th, I quit my office job for the freelance life. What that means is working whenever the kids are sleeping. One of my get 30 minutes of work in tactics is arriving at carpool 30 minutes early and working from the car.
  • Laundry 12 of 20
    Laundry is my enemy. Laundry for 6 is my nightmare and reality. There are a few things in life I just can't seem to conquer - laundry would be one.
  • Cooperation 13 of 20
    To make this house run, every member needs to cooperate. While the little ones are too young to understand this, our older 2 are hands on.
  • Taking Up Space 14 of 20
    Taking Up Space
    I laughed as we all ventured to my friend's wedding. Our family took up a complete row in the church.
  • Mobility 15 of 20
    Getting out and about with 4 kids isn't always easy. Thankfully we bought a double stroller that can at least keep 2 contained, for the time being.
  • Raising 4 Different Kids 16 of 20
    Raising 4 Different Kids
    As you have heard, each child is different. With 4, there are 4 personalities to learn and adhere to. There are 4 that like different foods. There are 4 different kids that have specific strengths and weaknesses individual to their own.
  • Laughter 17 of 20
    Each of our kids brings a new comedic aspect to this house. LOLs happen everyday. Laughing is so much better than crying.
  • Shopping 18 of 20
    Now when I am in Target, I visit just about every department. With 3 boys: 8 months, 2 and 6 years old and then a 9 year old girl - then my husband and myself - Target should thank us for helping their annual revenue growth.
  • Clean House – WHAT IS THAT? 19 of 20
    Clean House - WHAT IS THAT?
    A clean house? What's that? OH, you mean when our sweet lady comes to help us every other week with the house so our house doesn't look like something off of hoarders. Yeah, that lasts about 3 hours - then it returns to CHAOS.
  • Adventure 20 of 20
    Around every corner, adventure awaits. Whether its a toddler who refuses to wear a diaper or a baby who likes to explore - we are all about adventure here!

Having 4 kids is WORK. This work maybe work that you don’t understand, but it’s work that my husband and I love. We are so thankful for each of these little people. Each brings so much joy to us, I can’t imagine what life would be like if we had stuck to 1, 2 or 3.

Our biological family will have 6 (unless God blesses us with a vasectomy baby, ha!). Who knows what the future holds as these little ones grow. Maybe we will adopt in the future, or become foster parents. God only knows, but for now – we’re doing our best to be the best for our 4.

There are several of you with large families and I want to know, what is your favorite thing about having MANY kids?

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