He Is Her Father… Not a Babysitter!

When my husband isn’t working, in class, or off fighting fires or cutting people out of cars… he is an awesome father.  He loves all of the children with everything, and he is the biggest kid in the house.  First thing after work he runs around with the boys like he is a toddler all over again.

Now that we have a baby in the house again, his first priority when he comes in the door is cuddle time before he takes off for his daily run around with the boys.

But something in passing conversation got me the other day. Next week I will have my 6 week postpartum check up and I will finally be cleared to go to the gym again… Yay!

Someone asked me if I will be getting a babysitter or if my husband will be babysitting the kids while I go… Uh… Last time I checked watching your own children doesn’t constitute as baby sitting! And why in such a progressive society are we still considering fathers babysitters when we should be considering them full time parents, just like the mother in most cases?   Hell some men are stay at home fathers!

But it just got me thinking… how do you refer to your partner, or the father of your children when he takes on the role of the only caretaker while you are out of the home doing other things?

For us my husband has never considered himself anything less than a father, and full time parent, no titles of babysitter, or part time parent although he works outside of the home. He is fully capable of taking care of the children, including our youngest, if I pump a bottle of breast milk. I just don’t get why some look at it this way, or are even scared to leave their children with their partner!





Article Posted 5 years Ago

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