He Was a Baby When I Left

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Five days.

That’s the longest I’ve ever been without seeing my children. I needed the break though. I needed five days of sleeping in my own bed, being on my own schedule, and putting myself first. The life I lead as a mom of three is so much of the opposite that this chance to recharge was vital.

But just as much as I needed that time away, I couldn’t help but curse it. I was itching to see my children.

When I returned home, I was greeted by my girls, who stayed awake to wait for me. But my youngest, Macks, couldn’t quite keep his eyes open long enough to welcome me back. He made up for it with an early wake-up call the next morning, though. It was well before the girls would wake up, so we had a little time together to ourselves. I brought him downstairs and fixed us breakfast. I sat him in his highchair and we had our morning conversation.

Most of the time, our conversations are very one-sided. He’s only 14 months old, so his vocabulary is limited. I just chat while he smiles and shoves food into his mouth. But this time he was different. He was mimicking my words, nodding yes to questions I’d ask him. He seemed so much older than he did just five days before.

This immense feeling came over me that the baby that I left only a few days ago had suddenly turned into this little man — or dare I say — toddler.

Normally, when I’m at home with him, the days seem like weeks. The time that I spend with all three kids can feel like it goes on forever if I’m being honest. Yet, while I was away, it’s as if time passed so quickly, and my baby boy went with it.

As much as it’s necessary for us to get away for some personal rest and relaxation time (and believe me, I had a good time), I can’t help but think of all of the moments with my kids that I missed while I was away. Would I have noticed these advancements if I was here with him last week? Maybe.

But chances are I would be too wrapped up in all the other moments to really notice.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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