Hello Drool! 8 Bibs To Buy Now

Grayson will be 4 months in just a few days. One of the things that comes with the next milestone is teething. According to Baby Center, most cut their first tooth between four and seven months. For my littles, this has never happened. I’ve got some slooowww teethers. My almost 3-year-old ¬†just got her last few teeth and my 20-month-old still has quite a few to go until she has all her chompers. That said, I don’t bank on Grayson sprouting any teeth soon. However, we have welcomed the drool! He is a big raspberry-blowing slobbering mess. Between spitting-up from his reflux and now the drool, I will be stocking up on bibs! And while I usually don’t buy a ton of fancy bibs (he goes through tons a day!) I still thought that I should buy a few for when we go out or he isn’t at home. Honestly, it just gives me a reason buy some really cute bibs!

Time to shop some of my favorite must-have bibs around! 

  • Colorbock Bib 1 of 8
    Colorbock Bib
    Can we say on trend? From the chambray to the color block bandanna style.
    Colorblock bib from Bambinos and Bunny for $14.00
  • Tarika and Minky Bib Set 2 of 8
    Tarika and Minky Bib Set
    A cute, bright modern bib set with a bubbly minky back!
    Modern print bib set from sirBUBBADOO for $24
  • Personalized Bib 3 of 8
    Personalized Bib
    Who doesn't love a monogram? This bib is just too cute for words. I love the great color combo too!
    Chevron Monogrammed Bib My Little Mookie for $14
  • Sweet Sailor 4 of 8
    Sweet Sailor
    How cute is the nautical bib for your sweet little sailor?
    Nautical bib from Down Home Amy for $17
  • Organic Fabric Bib Set 5 of 8
    Organic Fabric Bib Set
    One of my favorites! The soft organic chevron fabric sells it for me!
    Chevron set of bibs from Little Hip Squeaks for $14.65
  • Bib Set at a Great Price 6 of 8
    Bib Set at a Great Price
    This is such a cute little modern bib set. I love the patterns and bright colors.
    Modern bib set Ke Petite Birdie for $14
  • Bowtie Bib 7 of 8
    Bowtie Bib
    Everyone knows I am a sucker for bowties and this bib tops it off! I love the simplicity and -- it's made of linen!
    Bowtie bib from Lovely Home Idea for $14
  • So Funny 8 of 8
    So Funny
    So of course, it was way too big for Grayson here but - I coldn't wait to try it on him when he was born. I love a laugh!
    Funny bib from Urban Baby Co. for $8
Article Posted 4 years Ago

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