10 Things That Will Help You Survive After Having a Baby

10 Things That Will Help You Survive After Having a BabyThe first few months after having a baby can be absolute HELL.  Your cute little baby requires work. With sleep deprivation, recovery from delivery and dealing with life, you may feel like you are in survival mode.

After 4 kids, I will say that there are a few things that helped me remain sane. Hopefully these will help you if you are a new mom, or a friend who has recently had a baby.

10 Things That Will Help You Survive After Having a Baby

  • Keurig 1 of 10
    This single-cup home brewing system is a God send. Get your coffee on with a push of a button. Your sleepy body will appreciate the caffeine jolt!
  • Pinterest Account 2 of 10
    Pinterest Account
    Oh Pinterest. My maternity leave was spent pinning away with my baby on my lap. I suggest the Pinterest app for mobile pinning.
  • Power Naps 3 of 10
    Power Naps
    When people tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps, they aren't kidding. Even if you can just get in 20 minutes, your body will thank you.
     According to wikipedia: a power nap, also known as a Stage 2 nap, is a short slumber of 20 minutes or less which terminates before the occurrence of deep slow-wave sleep (SWS), intended to quickly revitalize the napper.
  • Make Lists 4 of 10
    Make Lists
    I made lists of everything the first few months after having Zeke. Keeping a feeding schedule allowed my husband to know when the next feeding was since my sleeplessness couldn't keep track! Keeping a list of needs from the store was also helpful, how easy things like WIPES are to forget!
  • Mommy Mentor 5 of 10
    Mommy Mentor
    Having a baby makes your body do weird things. Having someone to talk open and honestly with is key. Find a mommy mentor, someone you trust and can ask any questions to - you'll need it!
  • iPhone 6 of 10
    Not only will the iPhone (or Android, but I'm team Apple) keep you up to date on Pinterest (kidding, kind of) - it will keep you entertained. Plus, it has a camera and is most likely always with you. Take lots of photos and videos. Babies grow up too quick and unfortunately the only way to relive these moments is by photo or video.
  • Comfy Underwear 7 of 10
    Comfy Underwear
    You may want to just forget about that lace thong for the first few months. Buy yourself some of those panties that you swore you would never wear. Chances are no one else will be seeing them, and you'll be comfy.
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  • Fresh Air 8 of 10
    Fresh Air
    No, not the NPR show - get outside! Take a walk or read a book outside. If the weather doesn't permit it, get out of the house somehow (walk the mall!) before your walls eat you alive.
  • Girls Night Out – GNO! 9 of 10
    Girls Night Out - GNO!
    A break from the insanity is a must have. All moms should be required to spend a night out every few weeks without baby. Let loose and spend sometime decompressing. You deserve it.
  • Dr. Google 10 of 10
    Dr. Google
    While if there is a major concern, by all means CALL YOUR DOCTOR - but chances are silly little things will happen that Dr. Google can help with. For instance, Dr. Google assisted with my baby's cold WET feet - Dr. Google let me know it was just sweat.

What Helped You Most After Having a Baby?

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