Help Me Out: What Does a One-Year-Old Want For Her Birthday?

Baby G, sporting adorable dimple

Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating G’s first birthday (!!!) with a little party at our house. I finally got my act together and kinda-sorta planned something, although it’s not going to be quite the extravaganza her older siblings have had when they turned one. But there’s one detail I’ve yet to get checked off my 1st birthday-planning list. What is that one thing?

Well, BAD, BAD parents that we are, Jon and I have yet to purchase an actual birthday present for our youngest child, nor have we even given any real thought to what such a gift might be.

And that’s where I need y’all’s help.

Now I am well aware that a 12 month old baby does not expect a gift at her birthday party. She will be quite happily entertained with the wrapping paper, balloons and cupcakes. Plus, I’m sure that some other guests will bring her birthday presents. But I want her to get a cool present for her 1st birthday from her Mama, Daddy and older siblings. In some ways, I have been so preoccupied for the past year that I feel like G has kind of gotten the shaft on things being done just for her. Even in a big family like ours, everyone should get to be the extra special person sometimes, particularly on their birthdays. So I really want to get her something that she will enjoy a lot.

But see, I haven’t shopped ahead, so whatever we get her will have to be available off-the-shelf here in Knoxville, Tennessee….tonight. And I haven’t been to a toy store in ages, so I have no idea whether there is some cool new toy for younger toddlers that she might love, if only I knew it existed.

So what should we get her for her birthday? Is there some toy that your baby really loves/loved at this age? She’s a very physically active baby, so she likes things that DO something, and she also likes making a lot of noise. She isn’t walking yet (she’s thiiiiiiis close), but she can crawl like nobody’s business. She is also a very mouthy baby who will – if the opportunity arises – stuff anything and everything she encounters into her mouth as quickly as possible. So if a toy says “not for children under three,” she’s the child for which that warning was developed. She WILL eat the legos or the Polly Pocket shoes, and she WILL gnaw the paint off of that melamine-encrusted item from China. (For someone who only has two teeth, she can really use them well.)

So help me out here, y’all.  We have Target and Toys R Us open in the evenings in my town. What amazing, special 1st birthday gift should I buy and wrap up for G after I get off work tonight? What’s something that your own one year old loves to play with? Be as specific as possible so I have a fighting chance at actually finding the item you are suggesting. Post your ideas in the comments below.

And I’ll definitely let you know what we get her! (with photos, bien sur)


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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