Help! My Baby Is Refusing Bottles

Three months old and over the bottle?

Because I stay at home and take care of Cullen myself 95% of the time, I have been really lazy about pumping and bottle feeding.  At the beginning, I read all the books and followed every suggestion to the letter.  At six weeks, we introduced a bottle “just because” since I knew it was important to make sure he would take one.

He gulped it down with no problem, and we all let out a big sigh of relief.  Since then I only pump here and there, since I don’t really have any reason to be storing milk, and my supply seems to be enough.  He’s probably had about 5 bottles since, and there has never been a problem (he’s three months old now).

Until this week…

A few days ago I asked my husband to give him another bottle, since it had probably been almost two weeks since his last.  We did the same routine we always do – Casey took him to the nursery (away from me), sat in the chair where he always eats, used the Boppy, propped him up, etc.  Cullen chewed on the nipple and flicked it around with his tongue, but seemed like he couldn’t figure out how to latch onto it.  How did he just…forget?

The past three nights we have tried three more times.  Different milk (so we know it’s not spoiled or bad), different bottles, different nipples, different temperatures, different settings.  I even tried giving him one myself.  Every time he flails his head and eventually gets so upset that I end up breastfeeding him.

My in-laws arrive in town tomorrow, and my lovely visions of date nights and babysitters is quickly flying out the window.  We also go to Hawaii next week, and I was hoping for a little alone time to relax, run, and read.  As much as I clearly love him, I’m getting pretty worried that if we don’t figure this out soon, I’m going to be in a position of ever being able to leave him for more than an hour.  I plan to breastfeed him for at least a year, so that’s another seven months of being glued to my side without bottles…

Any advice?  Has this happened to anyone else?



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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