Help! My Baby Keeps Smacking Me In The Face!

baby tongue
Who would think this kid could smack?

All is grand in Fuzzland. He’s 11 months. He spends most of his time standing up, or crawling, or…smacking me in the face. What????


It’s Mommy abuse.

Lately, when I’m holding Fuzz  and he’s facing me, he’ll start to whack me on the head, or in the face, multiple times in a row.

How do I make this stop?

I’ve tried taking his hand away and telling him to stop, and teaching him “gentle.” But the dude still does it. And guess what? He thinks it’s HI-Larious. Perhaps I should add this one to my list of curious habits of babies?

He does it to his brother too, although he doesn’t seem to mind it. I do try to stop it and teach him to touch gently, even if I’m secretly happy that he’s finally hitting his brother back after the daily beatings Shnook gives the Fuzzball.

I know it will pass eventually, but it’s kind of unpleasant (except for the giant grin on his face in the process, which could also be construed as disturbing).

Any advice for me? Does your baby do this? How do you handle it?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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