Help! My Baby Uses Me As A Pacifier

I have this recurring fantasy lately about designing a faux breast to pop into my daughter’s mouth when she wants to use my nipple as her pacifier.

Now, I adore our time together while nursing, and I know this quiet time when she is sucking away at my breast without actually feeding is beneficial for her. I don’t want to deny her that, at all, but sometimes I just wish I could soothe her without having to let her hang off my boob.

You see, this baby goes berserk when I put a binky in her mouth.

I am tired.

I have fed her every two hours for three months solid, and I have moments when I realize just how desperately I need a few hours of freedom. Bodily freedom, and emotional freedom.

I’ve tried to pump a few times so I can leave her with my husband or my mother while I take a little break, but I just can’t seem to get a decent quantity of milk. My daughter has no problem emptying my breasts, I’m not sure why a machine with what seems like triple her suction can’t.

I’ve always heard that babies are able to remove more milk from the breast than a pump, I guess there is some truth there.

So, I return to the fake boob fantasy. Or, maybe a pacifier cast from a mold of my nipple? Surely someone has invented that, right?

Have you ever felt like you need a breastfeeding break?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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